Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Every year, we have one day set aside to thank Mom for the countless sacrifices she makes to keep our family centered and our homes happy.

Motherhood is a lifelong journey - an experience that is ever-changing through the years. Regardless of what stage of motherhood she is in now, there’s so much you can thank her for this Mother’s Day.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to show her some love, we’ve got some ideas for you (and better yet, they are just waiting for you on your phone!) Whether she is a doting grandmother, a toddler-herding hero, or an wise best friend-mom, you can create a perfect photo book gift to make her day.

Check out the 5 stages of Motherhood and our favorite photo book ideas to go with each one!

Stage 1: The First Time Mom

There’s nothing sweeter than watching her lovingly care for her new baby. First time motherhood is beautiful, but it’s also hard, complex, and messy. Being a first time mom comes with a dramatic lifestyle change including feeding, diaper changes, sleep training, body recovery, hormone crashes and so much more. It is quite the adjustment for any woman! Let her know she is seen, she is appreciated, and she is beautiful! Gift Ideas: 1. The Start of Motherhood: a photo book filled with memories of pregnancy, maternity pictures, and birth/newborn photography. 2. Thanks for Being My Mom: grab those candid motherhood pictures and create a photo book from baby thanking Mom for all she does. See example here!

Stage 2: The Young Mom

Day after day, she is often the one working tirelessly to keep the household running smoothly. She is mentally overloaded as she juggles dinners, childcare logistics, night-wakings, potty accidents, teenage friend drama, calendar management, doctors appointments, after-school practices, and so much more. Gift Ideas: 1. Love Coupons: give her a photo book filled with love coupons for kid-free relaxation. See example here! 2. All About Mom Book: gather up the best photos of your kids and recent family memories. Let your kids help you add captions by telling you their favorite moments, attributes, and memories with Mom.

Stage 3: The Childless Mom

Mother’s Day can be difficult and even painful for the childless women in our lives. Whether she is facing infertility, miscarriage, or simply not sure if kids are in the cards for her, you can appreciate all of her womanly and “motherly” qualities. Highlight the moments she cares for others (children, adults, or fur babies!) and let her know she too, deserves to be honored. Check out these unique photo book ideas to celebrate the mother within her. Gift Ideas: 1. Your Mother Heart: celebrate all of her wonderful “motherly” qualities in a photo book. Find pictures of her friends kids, pets, nieces, nephews, school students, and more. 2. You and Your Fur Baby: she’s sure to love a photo book filled with pictures of her caring for and snuggling with those furry friends!

Stage 4: The Matured Mother (adult children)

Though her kids are grown, this Mom still works behinds the scenes, worrying and loving her children from afar. She would probably be content with a nice phone call, but why not go the extra mile and surprise her with a stunning photo book she’ll love? Gift Ideas: 1. Family Photos: mom loves seeing all of her adult kids together. Find your favorite family photos from the last gathering and create a book for her to cherish. 2. Recreating Childhood: gather old photos from your childhood years and have your siblings help recreate your favorites to put in a photo book! Give Mom a good laugh and a trip down memory lane. 3. Your Favorite Moments with Mom: show her how much she means to you with a stunning photo book of your best memories together.

Stage 5: The Grandma

Be sure you don’t forget Grandma this Mother’s Day. Her kids are grown, but she is fondly remembering all her years of motherhood and guiding you through yours. She dotes on your kids, gives the best hugs, and is always ready with advice to pass on. Shower her with love and let her know she is cherished! Gift Ideas: 1. All About Grandma: choose some pictures of grandma with your family and have your kiddos help you add captions. Ask them to describe her, share their favorite memories, and thank her for all she does! 2. With love, Your Grandkids: grandma loves nothing better than seeing her grandkid! Keep her up to date on their lives and milestones with a photo book of recent pictures!

Feeling inspired? Wrap up her photo book in a sleek gift-box (available to iOS only) and have it arrive ready to delight!

Celebrate all the mom-ents with Mom this Mother’s Day.

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