Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Mother’s Day is a special day every year, in which we get to celebrate the woman who puts everyone else ahead of herself. This year might be a little different, but no less important to acknowledge. While there are plenty of new and shiny gifts you could buy the Mom in your life, nothing will be as valuable as the gift of your time.

Modernize Your Memories

If your mother was someone who always captured special moments, and has stacks of photo albums and videos, it’s time for an upgrade. Protect and preserve your childhood memories with the special project of modernizing her memories.

If she has old peel and stick photo albums, replace these with photo-safe, acid-free versions by converting them to photo books and prints using the SimplePrints App. Easy to make, resistant to damage, and no risk of ever losing the photos.

Also, you can find an affordable VHS to digital conversion service so that she can watch family movies without pulling out an ancient VCR. Set aside time to spend together to go through everything and determine what should be displayed and what should be put into photo-safe storage.

Shop and Cook Together

It’s a nice gesture to take your Mom out to dinner on Mother’s Day. However, as that isn’t in the cards this year, consider heading to the local farmer’s market, then preparing a shared meal at home. You could do a farm-fresh brunch, complete with mimosas.

Consider learning her old favorites and cooking it together as a family. Can’t cook together? Try surprising her by baking something she loves and leave it on her doorstep.

Be Tourists in Your Home

Set up a virtual scavenger hunt that you can do together from your own home. Purchase a service or subscription to a scavenger hunt service, like Let’s Roam. This service creates a guided tour of your chosen city, assigns fun roles and tasks for each of you, and is a great way to explore and create memories together.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

Give the Mom in your life the pampering and relaxation she deserves by treating her to an at-home spa day. Do a doorstop drop-off of everything she needs to relax, including her favorite meal. For an extra special touch, create a Spotify playlist just for her.

If you can coordinate it, have someone prepare a hot bath with comforting bath balms, and treat her to chocolate dipped-strawberries and champagne. While she’s relaxing with a face mask and listening to some atmospheric music, you can do something helpful for her outside, such as tending to the garden or running errands.

Do Something Active

Some moms love an active adventure. Sign up for a virtual event together, such as a race, for a little friendly competition. Alternatively, sign up for an online yoga class with a local studio or up the intensity with virtual Zumba or boxing classes.

This is an activity that can be scaled to your Mom’s needs and activity level and can be fun for the whole family. Think about conversations you’ve had about experiences she’d like to try or places she’d like to explore and make it happen.

Have a Family Zoom Date

Create new memories together with a family Zoom date. It is challenging to get everyone together in the same room. By scheduling a video conference, you can have her children and grandchildren in one place no matter the distance.

Plan to watch a streaming event together, such as an opera or Cirque du Soleil performance. There are also plenty of game options to explore online, from cards to trivia. You may enjoy the experience so much that you make it a regular thing.

As an alternative to a Zoom date, host a Netflix Watch Party using the Chrome plug-in of the same name. Using this app, you can watch a Netflix show or movie together at the same time, adding your comments in the chat block and carrying on a live conversation.

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the importance of family. If you’re at a loss for gifts, ask your Mom what she’d like to do together— chances are the event won’t matter as much as the company.


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