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Stay Inspired All Year Long with a Custom Photo Wall Calendar!

Updated: 2 days ago

A Calendar pinned to the wall with a photo of a father and his baby sun on a stripe background

Unveiling Our New and Improved Custom Photo Wall Calendars!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved custom photo calendars! At SimplePrints, we have been working hard to add more customization features than ever before. We know how much you already love our custom calendar creator in the SimplePrints app, but now it is easier than ever to start making a custom calendar. Let's explore some features that make our Custom Photo Wall Calendars stand out:

Personalized Photo Calendars

a wall calendar laying on the desk next to a computer featuring a collage of nature photos

Custom wall calendars are a fantastic way to level up your home and office organization. They can help you stay on top of all those essential dates while admiring a new collage of beautiful photos each month. Our white spiral-wire binding makes it easy to turn the pages and display your beautiful custom photo calendar in any room. Our ample wall calendar standard size of 8.5" x 11" means you can easily view your photos! You already know what you love about our wall calendars, and our upgraded version adds exciting new features to the list!

Customize Your Dates and Holidays

A child hand on a calendar showing custom birthday events added

Stay on top of birthdays and special commemorative dates with these new features. The ability to add US holidays and events to special dates will help you stay organized and punctual. Start with our basic wall calendar template and customize it to make your custom calendar.

A phone showing the app and how to add custom dates to your calendar project

  • Calendar Custom Dates: Say goodbye to generic calendars. Now, you can add your own special events, whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or unique holidays.

  • Show or Hide US Holidays: You can decide whether you want to display US holidays or keep your calendar clean and focused on your personal events.

These features also make our custom wall calendars the perfect choice for a gift! Help your grandparents remember all those birthdays or create a surprise gift for your spouse with a calendar for their office that includes funny date reminders, such as "Our First Trip to Frozen Yogurt Together." Tailor your photo calendar ideas to match your personality and make the most of the upcoming year.

Create Dreamy Layouts with Customization Options

A few wall calendars showcasing different layouts and custom backgrounds

Our new and improved wall calendars offer more backgrounds, borders, and layout options than ever! While the styles stay true to our minimalist philosophy, these design elements allow you to add your personality to your wall calendars and create something you will be proud to show off in your home, office, or classroom.

A phone showing the app and how to add custom backgrounds to your calendar project

  • 50 Backgrounds: Personalize your wall calendar with a stunning background that suits your style. With 50 colorful backgrounds to choose from, you're sure to find one that resonates with you.

  • Collage Layouts: Our new customization features offer a remarkable variety of 22 collage layouts. You can arrange up to 9 photos on a single page, creating a visual storytelling experience like never before.

  • Borders: Choose wall calendar photo borders that will add a touch of elegance and frame your photos to make them pop.

  • Fonts Galore: Choose from a selection of 9 fonts to give your calendar a unique typographical personality.

Your Personalized Wall Calendar, Your Way

A photo featuring a bride and groom on the cover of a wall calendar with a black background

We're ready to help you start creating your personalized calendar online whenever you are. No need to wait for a specific date, stress about planning ahead, or worry about missing the early months of the year!

  • Custom Start Month: No need to wait for January. Start your calendar any month you prefer, making it an excellent gift option for any time of the year.

Getting Creative with Calendar Themes

A calendar featuring a woman at the beach with a multi-colored blue dot background to match

Now that you know the technical aspects of our new Photo Wall Calendar, let's get creative.

  • Use Personal Photos: Make each month uniquely yours by incorporating your favorite wall calendar photos. Showcase your favorite memories, travel adventures, or snapshots of loved ones.

a wall calendar featuring Christmas photos for the month of December

With the holidays coming up, it's the perfect time to create holiday wall calendars! Whether you want to create photo calendar gifts or add a personalized touch to your home decor, Wall Calendars will get the job done. These are our top tips for creating a holiday calendar that brings the joy of the festivities into your home.

  • Choose photos that capture the special moments of your family's holiday season.

  • Arrange the photos in a way that tells a story or creates a festive mood.

  • Customize the background to match your calendar theme.

Your Custom Calendar Printing is Just One Tap Away!

A woman staring a her wall calendar with pictures of her kids

With the SimplePrints app, creating a photo calendar gift that will be cherished for years to come is easy. Here are some fantastic photo calendar ideas to spark your imagination:

January Calendar featuring ski photos and a purple snowflake background

1. Cherished Memories: Go through last year's pictures and select your favorite monthly memories. Write a list of your favorite events and add them to the upcoming year's months. For example, in January, your highlight is often a ski trip. Include photos from 2023's trip to the mountains in your 2024 calendar!

2. Travel Diaries: Dedicate each month to a different travel adventure, showcasing your favorite destinations and memories.

3. Family Chronicles: Celebrate your family's history with photos spanning generations, from grandparents to the newest additions. You could even coordinate your family's birthdays each month they are featured on!

A wall calendar featuring the beautiful red rocks of southwest america

4. Nature's Beauty: Capture the essence of each season with nature-themed photos of landscapes, flowers, and wildlife.

5. Milestones of the Year/Year of Achievements: Highlight your personal or professional milestones throughout the year.

6. Pet Pawtraits: Show off your furry friends with adorable pet photos for each month. Bonus points for themed pet photo shoots using props, such as photos of your pet with Santa or giving the Easter Bunny the side-eye.

7. Artistic Expressions: Create an artistic calendar that features your own artwork, paintings, or sketches. Scan or take photographs of all your favorite art and create a custom collage that fits each month's style.

8. Foodie Delights: Showcase your culinary adventures with mouthwatering food photos.

A wall Calendar with Graduation photos for the month a may

9. High School Throwback: This graduation gift idea is great for students who are moving on to college! Create custom photo calendars with photos from their high school years to bring them to the next level of education. This gift can help stave off homesickness and show how much you cherished your time together.

10. Personalized Advent Calendar: Use the feature to add custom events and dates to your calendar to add personalized advent days to your calendar. This idea also works for multi-day holidays and traditions.

11. Monthly Workout Challenge: Highlight your favorite workouts according to month, such as hiking in July or completing a marathon in September. Add inspirational photos for each month to your wall calendar.

Making a Wall Calendar is Easy in the SimplePrints App

A phone showing the different steps of creating a calendar on the app

Creating your custom wall calendar is a breeze with the SimplePrints app. It allows you to effortlessly upload photos from Google Photos, Dropbox, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Best of all, you can design your photo calendar for free and only pay when ready to order.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a photo calendar reflecting your life, style, and creativity. Make each month memorable with your unique touch and personalized wall calendar photos.

At SimplePrints, we're committed to helping you turn ordinary calendars into cherished keepsakes. Create a photo wall calendar today and elevate your organization.

Happy calendar designing!


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