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Traditionally “home is where the heart is,” but sometimes being homebound isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whether it’s due to transportation, health, or weather-related, there are times where we can’t help but stay at home. From visual entertainment to treats for the tastebuds, here are a few ideas of things to do when you can’t get outside. 

Tour a Museum – Virtually

If you enjoy art or history, you can make the best of your time by pretending to be somewhere else. Take a tour of the Louvre, explore VanGogh’s works, and see The British Museum’s vast collection all from the comfort of your recliner. 

Find a Pen Pal

With all of the technology nowadays, we tend to communicate via text, email, and DM. Go old school and find a friend in another part of the globe. Sites like PenPal World and Snail Mail Penpals can make connections safely. If you don’t want to write to a stranger, send a letter to an elderly family member or friend – they will greatly appreciate it! 

Take a Class

Want Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsay, or Penn & Teller to keep you company while you are bored? It’s possible! Use your time to learn acting skills, take a cooking class, master a few magic tricks, or learn photography without having to leave your couch by taking a MasterClass.

Shop Your Pantry

We all have stashes of stuff in our pantry – fridge, freezer – that were saved for a rainy day. Being stuck at home is an ideal time to take inventory and cook with those items. Sites like MyFridgeFood and SuperCook allow you to plug in what you have on hand so that it can curate recipes utilizing those items. Voila! 

Learn Your Favorite Song

Do you only know the chorus of your favorite song? Whether it’s one of today’s hits or your favorite from a 90s boy band, search for the lyrics online and commit them to memory. If no one else is home, sing it karaoke style once you’ve learned it all.


Ok, we aren’t talking about food here, but if you are going to be at home, why not take a bit of time to catch up on a show or read a few books? Do enjoyable things you never have the opportunity to tackle with a traditional schedule. Cozy up and settle in for a few hours – no one will judge!

Try a New Workout

Being at home involves a lot of sedentary time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Scour YouTube for yoga routines, weightlifting exercises, or 80s aerobic choreography to keep that blood flowing. When all else fails, put on your favorite tunes and dance the day away.

Break Out the Board Games

For groups relegated to at-home time, dust off those board games and get ready for some friendly competition. If you’re alone or want something a bit slower-paced, clear off the dining room table and put a puzzle together.

Take Inventory

Being housebound is a great time to assess all of the things you own. Go through your closet, and sort out the pieces you don’t wear anymore. Cull through your stash of books, movies, and DVDs and only keep your favorites. Then set a date for a yard sale or donate your goods to an organization, such as Dress for Success or your local charity thrift store. 

View Life Through a Webcam

Where can you watch animals nesting, life on a New York street corner, or get a live satellite view of earth? Heading to a site like EarthCam or Webcamtaxi provides the mind with hours of entertainment and exciting perspectives of life going on around the globe. 

Put on a Mask

Even if you have work to do from home, you can easily slip in some self-care. Mark the occasion by putting on a moisturizing, homemade hair or face mask. You can even soak your feet while you do computer work or just read and relax in a bubble bath. Don’t let the opportunity to pamper slip away!

Make a Photo Book

Download the SimplePrints app, and turn all of those photos on your camera roll into an album. Reminisce over vacation pictures, capture your adorable furbaby’s finest moments or select favorite family photos to make into a memorable keepsake. You can surprise a relative or a friend by mailing one to them! What a nice way to brighten up their day.




Jennifer Prince lives in VA with her husband, kids, and kitties. Beyond writing, she enjoys vintage things, exploring her hometown, and finding content for her travel blog.


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