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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In a year that has sparked creative ways of making memories with loved ones, we believe this holiday season should be no different. The gift of shared memories is the thread we all need to be woven through our hearts. It will help us feel close to loved ones when we are so far away. We have a few unique photo gift ideas that will brighten your family and friends’ holiday season.

Photo Books

Before we talk about giving pictures as gifts, we want to familiarize you with a few of our photo book options. Available in hardcover, softcover, and layflat options, you can choose from 8” or 12” square books. Page count starts at 20 pages, although you can go up to 300 to savor those genuinely unforgettable memories. Here are a few people we think would love to receive photo books as a keepsake.

  • Give grandma a photo book filled with images from your latest family portrait session. The grandkids will only be this age for so long, and grandma would adore having a book to keep by her bedside to look at whenever she is missing you and the little ones. She may even share it with grandpa!

  • Have a book made for the newlyweds in your life using images from their wedding day. An album is one of the best photo gifts for recently married couples as it’s something that they can pass down to future generations.

  • Whether your last vacation was a road trip down the coast or a staycation at a town nearby, give your significant other a memory book of your favorite moments. From photos of the two of you to images of beautiful sights you visited, fill your book with travel memories.

  • Make a keepsake book filled with old family photos for your favorite uncle. From pictures of his parents long ago to more recent family memories, use a combination of old black and white images with more modern, colorful ones. You can give him a book that will chronicle your family’s history through the decades.

  • This year has been challenging for schools, but you can still create unique photo gifts for your child’s teachers. If classes have been meeting in person, give school personnel a book filled with photos from the year. When having school virtually, have each child send you a photo of them holding a written sentiment to their teacher. Unique photo gifts like this are such an encouragement to educators in a time when they are true heroes.

Metal and Canvas Wall Prints

You know your friends and family best, so choose either a metal or canvas print based on their style. Some images, such as family portraits, work well for canvas, and landscapes and city shots are ideal on metal. However, pick the unique photo gifts that you feel will best fit your loved one.

Our gallery-wrapped canvases have a matte finish and come with hanging hardware, and our vibrant, glossy metal prints are both fire and fade resistant. Both come in a range of sizes, perfect for gift giving this season.

  • Gather your siblings and recreate a beloved photo from when you were younger. Get both the original image and the recreation printed, and give them as a group gift to your parents. Not only will the photos evoke memories, but they will most likely garner laughs as well.

  • If your child plays sports, does theatre, or participates in some other activity that requires spectators, take a photo of them in action. Have their finest moment printed so that they can hang it in their room to relish in their hobby.

  • As practical as it may sound, giving your business a present during the holidays isn’t unheard of. If your business place still meets in person, safely gather your staff for a group photo to hang in your office. You can even wear masks and social distance for the image to truly capture the spirit of 2020.

  • Did your BFF just open a new store, have a baby, get married, or otherwise experience a happy life event? Print the photo that best captured their special moment so that they can reflect on their wonderful milestone and anticipate what’s to come in the future.

  • When it’s time to propose to your partner, have a print made of one of your favorite images together. Wrap it beautifully, gather the family (or be alone), and get down on one knee to pop the question. Letting them know that you want to create more memories with them for the rest of your lives will surely garner a yes.

Mini Photo Books

If anything good has come out of 2020, it’s definitely the addition of our mini photo books. Perfect for giving to a group, these tiny albums are creative photo gift ideas that make the perfect stocking stuffers.

These mini albums come in sets of three, and each book is 3.5” square and can hold up to 98 pages filled with single prints or collages. The size and shape of these small albums is ideal for printing photos from Instagram, too.

  • Curate the images from your sister’s bachelorette weekend—or your brother’s bachelor get-together—and create mini books filled with memories to give each person that attended the event. What a perfect, unexpected way to let guests know that you were grateful for their presence.

  • Stuff a mini photo book filled with pictures taken during your last family vacation into each of the stockings of your kids, nieces, and nephews. It’s one of the best photo gifts so that they can look at it and keep to go through decades from now.

  • Quite often, grandparents adore having a brag book to show off to their friends. Create duplicate books for each grandparent to tuck away in their purse or place on their desk to look through and share with others when the urge hits.

  • Give cousins and siblings mini memory books showcasing photos from when you were growing up together. You may need to have extras made as parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents may be envious of your creative photo gift ideas.

  • Mini photo books are perfect for those who are deployed or otherwise work far away from family. They may not be able to have a large book, which makes our tiny albums ideal for sending long distances.

Special photo gifts are a holiday season favorite!

Photo gifts are creative, thoughtful, and the most personalized gift you can give to a loved one. Open our SimplePrints App and start having fun creating a gift that people will cherish for years to come.

Happy holidays everyone!

Mini books, canvas prints and metal prints are available on iOS only. Photo books are available on iOS and Android.


Jennifer Prince lives in VA with her husband, kids, and kitties. Beyond writing, she enjoys vintage things, exploring her hometown, and finding content for her travel blog.

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