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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and although you may not be headed on your annual weekend getaway with your love, you can create a romantic experience in your hometown. Scheduling a photo session can be one of the most romantic experiences as you take time to coordinate outfits and spend a few hours focusing on each other. After all, that’s what February 14th is all about, and that’s where Shoot My Travel comes in.

From Paris to San Francisco and everywhere in between, Shoot My Travel has over 500 destinations where you can hire a photographer to have a personalized session. Whether you surprise your partner with photography or use it as a springboard in another unique way (spoiler alert: consider proposing!), you are bound to create memories of your love.

Here are eleven fabulous reasons why we think that scheduling a photo session—and having your images printed—is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

Spend time together in a different way.

If you’ve ever had a photo taken together, you know the feeling of being close to the one you love while documenting the moment. Imagine that magnified by connecting with a photographer who is having you kiss, laugh, hug, and hold romantic poses while they capture all of the above.

Taking photos together can create a memorable experience as a professional documents your time. Plus, you can be fully present with each other as you enjoy the backdrop of your city in a new way.

Find secret spots in your city.

Ok, first we aren’t promising that your photographer will serve as your tour guide. However, what we are saying is that you’ll duck down side streets, find a new path to the water, or head to a city’s hidden gems to get away from crowds and have a bit of time together.

All photographers have their secret areas that make the perfect photo spots. You’ll have fun exploring places that you may not have seen otherwise. Who knows? You may discover a local boutique or coffee roastery right around the corner from where you live.

Capture yourselves in familiar places.

Day to day life gets busy, and families often don’t get around to scheduling photo sessions together. Daily life’s hustle can leave you questioning why you should spend money on photos. Use your photo session as an excuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day uniquely.

Hiring a photographer through Shoot My Travel is a fabulous way to do double duty. Not only will you have beautiful photos, but you will have something tangible to always connect you to where you live. Go with your significant other—or grab the whole family—and head to a historic site, favorite park, or downtown street to capture you in your element.

Do it for the ‘gram.

Doing it for social media may seem a bit self-indulgent, but why not capture those moments that would look great on your Insta-feed? You can even score a new Facebook profile photo out of the deal.

Even if you don’t have a large following, your friends and family will enjoy seeing professional images of the two of you having fun together. You’ll also have gorgeous photos to show others how much you adore your loved ones and where you live.

Create a surprise.

Hear us out. Do you want to propose, have an impromptu anniversary dinner, or celebrate a birthday? You can use the photo session as an excuse to get dressed up and head out. Your partner may think that you’re merely having photos taken—which is lovely in and of itself—but you can tack on an additional surprise by popping the question.

Conversely, imagine your loved one’s surprise if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday with an impromptu photo shoot. You and your love can enjoy moments thoughtfully documented by your photographer for years to come.

Booking is easy.

Shoot My Travel has dramatically simplified the process of hiring a professional photographer to capture your travels.

  • Bookings are available in over 500 destinations. Choose a location based on photography, or see if one of your favorite places has a photographer available.

  • Look through various photographers’ portfolios to match the image style you prefer.

  • Choose your session length and package. From a one-hour couples session to three-hour family festivities, Shoot My Travel has a package that will suit your needs.

  • You can book and confirm easily online.

Rely on a professional.

Raise your hand if you’ve had a stranger take a photo for you while you’re on vacation. Most likely, we all have. Sometimes you luck out and get a good shot, and other times your heads are cut off. Don’t leave your pictures up to chance! Shoot My Travel works with vetted professionals to make your photo dreams come true with stunning results.

Sessions are contactless.

We’re definitely living in unprecedented times, and although you want to maximize contact with your significant other, you won’t have to get close to your photographer. Maintaining a safe environment is a top priority for Shoot My Travel. Put your mind at ease while capturing beautiful memories together.

Turnaround time is short.

Of course, once you have your photo session, the next step is seeing those gorgeous pictures. The standard turnaround time for Shoot My Travel sessions is 48-hours. It’s so quick and effortless!

Printing your memories is simple.

Not only is booking a photo session with Shoot My Travel simple, but having photo books and wall art made is just as easy. The only tricky part is choosing which pictures to use.

SimplePrints offers various sizes of photobooks, including mini-books, that you can share with family and friends. Wall art is available on canvas and metal so that you can showcase memories in your bedroom, living room, or foyer. The options are endless!

We have a special discount for you.

Are you ready to book? We hope so! SimplePrints has partnered with Shoot My Travel to offer you fantastic photo shoot discount.

  • Get an exclusive $45 discount on your booking with Shoot My Travel. To redeem, go to, and use the promo code SIMPLEPRINTS. The code expires on February 14.

We hope that no matter what type of session you choose—romantic, family, or a tour of your hometown—you will take the time to capture your Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a surprise or something you plan together, both Shoot My Travel and SimplePrints are the perfect partners for documenting and saving your memories for years to come.


Jennifer Prince lives in VA with her husband, kids, and kitties. Beyond writing, she enjoys vintage things, exploring her hometown, and finding content for her travel blog.

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