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In today's day and age, we can access any photo we want at any point in time just by scrolling through our phones. We can open up our phone or computer, hop onto social networks and see constant photos of our friends and loved ones at any time. However, there is still that special feeling of holding a photo in your hand that contains everyone you cherish through the years. That memory of looking at old prints where the glossy paper sticks to your fingers, as photos get passed around at the family reunion. Laughs are shared, memories relived, and precious loved ones who have now gone are remembered.

The use of photo albums has been of benefit for many years, but bringing them to family

members can be a hassle as they are not always travel friendly due to their size. Mini Books by SimplePrints is a new way of showing your loved ones all your new photos without having to scroll through the photos on your phone while still being convenient to take with you on the go.

With a 3.5” by 3.5” dimension, Mini Books can easily fit in the pocket of your purse or backpack, allowing for easy access at any time. As back to school season has finally approached, it's more important than ever to make and hold memories before the school year passes by just as fast as summer did. There are many different ways Mini Books can bring families closer, and capture memories that last a lifetime.

Take back to school photos and share them with friends:

With the hectic school year about to start, it’s crazy how much time has flown by, kids are

moving up to the next grade year just before our eyes. To capture all these wonderful memories,

Mini Books are perfect to organize and share all those back-to-school pictures. From summer

camp photos, the last vacation before school, to standing outside the house with a backpack on and ready to board the school bus. All these photos can be compiled into a small compact Mini Book that can easily fit into a backpack or purse making it perfect to share with others. Everything is compiled into one place in order to remember all the back-to-school activities happening throughout the year.

Provide a way for your kids to show their friends the memories they made over the summer.

Let's face it, more and more kids have phones these days. Although it’s not a bad thing, your kid getting in trouble for having their phone out at school, or for losing it would be a loss for both you and them. And why did they have it out? Just because they wanted to show their friends that cool beach vacation they went on. Mini Books can provide a way for students to share the

wonderful summer memories they made with their friends and teachers. The books can easily slide into their backpack and provide easy access when needed.

Prepare for graduation gifts:

Although school is just starting back, that also means that graduation is only a few months away. Start taking pictures now of your favorite senior and prepare to make an amazing graduation present for them. Mini Books offer a way for a grad to look back on their senior year and remember all the wonderful memories they made along the way.

Send a Mini Book with your new college student

Everyone knows the struggle of moving away for the first time. It’s a daunting and almost scary

place to be. At first, you are so excited to begin this new journey, but after a few weeks, memories of your family and your mom's home cooking begins to be a prominent thought. Mini books can provide a way for college students to reflect on their summer, high school, graduation year, elementary memories and so much more while away from home. With this idea, you could even have each family member take a picture holding a sign or note with an encouraging letter for the college student. When the new adventurous student gets to a point of loneliness, or just simply wants to reminisce, they can open the book and read all the sweet notes that their family has left them.

Make a Mini Book and share it with friends

Mini Books not only hold memories, but they can make memories as well. Instead of just sharing photos online, you can watch your friends' reactions to your photos in real life as you hand them their own new Mini Book. As Mini Books come in a pack of three identical books, everyone can get their own copy. Take a few photos from the beach, combine them into a wonderful collage and then share that book with yourself and two of your closest friends or family members. Mini Books are perfect for a back-to-school gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or a just because gift.

SimplePrints is having a sale on mini books now! Get 15% off your mini books order with code MINI15. This is a one-time use code and expires August 23. Mini books are only available on iOS.

Pull out your camera, and start snapping some photos, great gifts to share, and great memories

are to come in these next few weeks!

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