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It can be challenging to find romantic gifts for guys that go beyond a new wallet, beer, or Valentine’s Day origami cards. That’s why we brainstormed Valentine’s Day for your husband that he will love. Make your special person feel special with one of these Valentine’s Day surprises.

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Make your special person feel special with one of these Valentine’s Day surprises.

Romantic Canvas Print

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your husband? Perhaps you have a wedding photo or a photograph from a romantic photoshoot that you both love? Create a stunning customized canvas print and hang it where you can both see it every day. This is a great way to celebrate your love for each other and create custom home decor that you will both cherish for years to come.


Team Pick: Our 24” x 36” canvas prints are the perfect size for this wall decor that doubles as a statement piece. 


The Story of Us

It doesn’t get sweeter than this Valentine’s Day gift for your husband: a custom layflat photo book featuring your love story. Start at the beginning, with how you met and your first dates, and include all those special milestones along the way.


Team Pick: 12” x 12” Layflat Photo Book is a great choice for this romantic gift for him. The durable, seamless design of our layflat photo book will stand up to regular viewing (and gushing) over this Valentine’s Day surprise.

Personalized Metal Print

One of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift for him is a custom metal print of one of his favorite photographs. Maybe this is a photo of him hiking with his four-legged friend, working on a car, or doing any of the activities that he loves. Torn between metal prints or canvas prints? Check out our blog post with tips to help you decide.


Team Pick: 16” x 20” metal prints make fantastic romantic gifts for men.

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20 Things I Love About You

One of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift for him is to create a special photo book for him. The theme for this photo book is “20 Things I Love About You” where each photo can showcase one of his special talents or interests. This is a thoughtful and romantic gift for him that he is sure to treasure for years to come.


Team Pick: Create an 8” x 8” softcover photo book for this project. The soft cover gives it a more casual feel and makes it easy to flip through the pages again and again.

My Favorite Person Photo Book

Create a fun and thoughtful photo book for the favorite man in your life. Whether this is a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband, your dad, or your grandparent, this is a lighthearted way to celebrate him on Valentine’s Day. Include your favorite activities, such as eating at your favorite restaurants or Grandpa’s annual fishing trip in the photo book. 

Team Pick: Treasure these memories in a 12” x 12” hardcover photo book for him!


Grandparent’s Pocket Photo Books

Celebrate Grandpa with this idea for gifts for him! Have fun creating mini photo books with your kids to give to each of their grandfathers. Our mini photo books are small enough to fit in a pocket, bag, or glove compartment so Grandpa can carry those treasured photos wherever he goes.


Team Pick: Our 3.5” x 3.5” mini photo books come in sets of 3, so you can give one to all the special men in your life.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with SimplePrints!

These Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband are sure to make your romantic evening extra special. If you want to create romantic photo gifts online, download the SimplePrints app and start creating today. With SimplePrints, you can create stunning photo books and wall art at the touch of a button! 

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