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Anniversaries are a time to remember where you have been together and celebrate where you are going. Finding anniversary gifts ideas for couples can be challenging – that’s why we’re making it simple. There are endless ways to create customized anniversary gifts when you use SimplePrints to design elegant, romantic photo gifts in our app. Here are our top picks for anniversary personalized gifts.

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 Here are our top picks for anniversary personalized gifts:

For the Couple Who Has Been Together Forever

Let’s start with the most obvious personalized photo gift: a photo book featuring all the special moments from the start of your relationship until now! Create an anniversary photo book that includes photographs from big life moments, such as graduation memories, moving in together, your engagement, wedding memories, and any other milestone moments that define the life you’ve made together. This custom photo book is like a relationship timeline, so you walk down memory lane together. This is a lovely anniversary personalized gift for your partner as it allows you both to relive your best moments and biggest successes.


Team Pick: For a photo book that is this special, mark the occasion with a Layflat Hardcover Photo Book. This is our most durable photo book and it feels luxurious to flip through the pages. Don’t worry about your photos getting caught in the gutters with our Layflat books which make for a seamless viewing experience.


For the Couple That Adventures Together

This is the ultimate surprise delivery gift for him or her – an enchanting metal wall prints from your favorite adventure together. Whether it’s a photo of the snowy Alps or swimming with turtles, make your favorite memory a centerpiece in your home. Our metal prints add a modern, sophisticated touch to any setting.


Team Pick: Our 20” x 30” Metal Wall Print creates a stunning custom centerpiece for any room. Your breathtaking photograph will never look better than displayed on our glossy, vibrant metal prints.

For the Couple Celebrating Their First Anniversary

Your first anniversary is a special moment in any couple’s life together. Celebrate the first year with a custom wall calendar to hang in your home or office. This couple's gift for a wedding anniversary is easy to make and heartwarming to have. Make your first anniversary special by using photos for each month that coordinate with the time of year the photos were taken and take a walk down memory lane one month at a time.


Team Pick: Customize our 8.5” x 11” wall calendar with all your favorite photographs. The white spiral-wire binding makes it easy to turn the pages and keeps things simple to match any décor.

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For the Couple That Started a Family

This customized anniversary gift celebrates your family and how it came to be. Share the story of your family with your kids for an anniversary personalized gift that they will treasure for years to come! Create a family photo book that details your family’s story: how did you and your partner meet? What jobs did you have when each of your children was born? Where did you live? How many pets have you had together? When you include these personalized details, your kids will be able to view your family’s story through your eyes. Write the details in the captions and include photos throughout the years to help your kids visualize all that

you’ve been through together.


Team Pick: We love our Mini Photo Books for a project like this because they come in sets of 3, so you can give a copy of your family story to each child. These mini books are small enough to keep in a memory chest, backpack, or on the shelf and be read anytime they want!

For the Couple That Is Celebrating a Milestone

Are you coming up on your 10th, 20th, or 50th anniversary together? Celebrate your milestone anniversary together with custom wall art. Create personalized canvas prints, one with a photograph from your wedding and another with an up-to-date couple photo that you love. Hang them side-by-side for a stunning wall design you can enjoy daily.


Team Pick: Our custom canvas prints can be designed with landscape or portrait, but we love hanging two 16” x 24” portrait canvas prints side-by-side for this project.


For the Couple That Cooks Together

Do you spend hours cooking together in the kitchen? Maybe you aren’t trying to become the next Food Network power couple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own custom cookbook! Compile your favorite recipes to cook together in a family recipe photo book for a customizable anniversary gift that you will both love.


Team Pick: Choose a hardcover photo book,(standard or Layflat photo book,) for your family recipe book. The added durability of hardcover will help your photo book last through regular use in the kitchen.

For the Couple That Loves Their Pets

Create a treasured photo album online for your partner that features their four-legged best friends. It will mean so much to the pet lover in your life to know that you cherish those that they love – even if they steal your shoes or become the third wheel on your hiking dates.


Team Pick: For this anniversary gift, we love our classic 12” x 12” hardcover photo books. They make for perfect coffee table books so that your guests can enjoy the fun and lovable pet photos too. 

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Create Touching Anniversary Personalized Gifts with SimplePrints

We hope you feel inspired by these customizable anniversary gifts! If you are ready to start creating, it’s as easy as downloading

the free SimplePrints app and uploading your favorite photographs.

Want to make your photos pop? Don’t forget to edit them before you upload them for a seamless, uniform look. Check out our

5 Must-Have Apps to Edit Photos for the best places to look for easy photo editing.

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