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SimplePrints Education Program

Where creativity meets education

Here at SimplePrints we believe in empowering our community by supporting teachers and schools nationwide. We know creativity is an essential pillar to our children's education, therefore we want to join forces with schools. SimplePrints is a powerful and easy tool for students to use on various school projects and events.

Why SimplePrints?

We pride ourselves on being customer, product, and technology focused. We go above and beyond to ensure that people of all ages have a smooth experience from beginning to end when using our app. We have a dedicated, professional team ready to help if any assistance is needed. Once you receive your order, you will be blown away by the quality of the materials, the print, and the finish.

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I've been searching for a printing company for 20 years, and SimplePrints was just what I was looking for. The products' quality, affordability, and turnaround time are perfect for my student's school projects.


Cathy Dunstan 

Teacher at Sykes Elementary School

See How Easy It is To Use Our App 

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Photo Book Quick Start Tutorial

Photo Book Quick Start Tutorial

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Get Inspired

SimplePrints products are versatile. There are as many unique ideas for each product as you have pictures to use in them! We’ve collected a few inspiring ideas for how teachers and students can use these photo products inside the classroom.

Alphabet book

A popular option for first graders, but of course you can make alphabet books for kindergarten, preschoolers, or with any child that loves to create! Have the students draw an item that goes with each letter. Take photos of their beautiful creations. Then import the pictures to our photo book layout. It is a fun way to learn the alphabet and a clutter-free way for parents to proudly showcase their kids' work!

Black History Month

Have your student pick a person they want to honor during black history month. Have them tell their story and show pictures portraying why this person has made such an impact. Then they can do a show and tell with their beautiful and durable photo books.

Garden Tribute
Metal Print

Does your school have their own garden? Whether it’s a pollinator garden or a functional vegetable garden, you can honor the classes (and donors) that helped build the gardens with metal prints. Durable enough to hang indoors or outdoors, you can display these beautiful tribute metal prints in the garden shed or on the side of a building.


More Project Ideas


Each year marks a new milestone for students. They go through so much growth and unforgettable memories that are worth remembering forever. Capture those moments and put them in a gorgeous, personalized yearly photo book for the students to take with them for years to come. 

Hispanic Heritage Month

Learning about how other countries' cultures, traditions, and food have helped shape the US is always fun. Have your students research a Hispanic icon of their choosing and be blown away by their lively and creative photo book presentations.

History project

Have your students' research on US or world history printed in a presentation-worthy photo book. The layout options available in our app are a great way for students to organize the timelines of historical events using pictures or drawings.