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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than with a print coffee table book? Dive into a world of romantic and fun themes as we explore the enchanting options in our Valentine's Day photo books.

Craft a custom Valentine's day gift for your partner and lock the loving memories forever

Romantic Print Coffee Table Book Themes

Before we get into the details of how to create a photobook, let’s get inspired with some romantic themes. Whether you are creating meaningful Valentine’s gifts or hoping to add a unique element to your living room decor, we hope that you will be inspired by these ideas:

Milestones and Special Moments

Create this romantic photo book by arranging your photographs chronologically, highlighting significant milestones from your relationship. Include special moments like your first date, engagement, wedding, expanding your family with children, and special trips that you may have taken together. Write personal anecdotes in romantic captions that show how much these photographs mean to you.

Coffee table photo book with images of a couple's engagement photos with quote"she said yes".
A women is holding a photo book with the title " All the little things"

Love Letters

If you have had a long-distance relationship or you have a habit of leaving sweet notes for each other, integrate your romantic handwritten love letters throughout your print coffee table book. Whether you take a photograph of the note or letter or scan it, you can upload the image to your photo book and capture their handwriting forever. Of course, since this is intended to be a print coffee table book, where your guests will read them, make sure the letters are “sweet nothings,” such as a note saying how much they love you besides a cup of coffee that they made to your liking. More personalized love letters can be saved for romantic photo book gifts, just for your significant other.

A Day in the Life

This photo book is a snapshot of your daily life together. Like a time capsule of your everyday moments! Take candid photos of quiet moments, shared meals, and everyday activities that are typical for the two of you. For example, you could document a slow Sunday where you make breakfast together, walk to the market, get coffee, watch shows together, and so on, and then use couple selfies to tell the story. This is a fun memory photo book to look back on after a few years and see how your routines have changed!

Coffee table photo book with a title "Our Life Togther" with cover photo of a couple walking through a meadow
Coffee table photo book with a cover image of a romantic elderly couple staring at each other

A Legacy of Love Stories

This is a meaningful Valentine's gift that is perfect to give to a parent or grandparent who has been married for a long time to display as a print coffee table book in their home. Write the love story of your elders, starting with early dating photos and captions that describe what their life was like during that period of time. For big moments, such as their wedding or family photographs with their new babies, use one photograph per page. For smaller candid shots from birthdays and casual events, you can create collages to enjoy seeing the shots side by side. Tell the story to the present day. You could even have their family members, such as children and grandchildren, sign the inside of the back cover of the book like you would a yearbook. This personalised gift will quickly become a treasured family heirloom. 

All That You Love

Create a print coffee table book dedicated to your significant other and their favorite things. Include things like romantic memories, hobbies, pets, family, vacations or special locations, collectibles, and anything else that makes their heart sing. This is a great way to show your loved one how much you pay attention to all the little things that truly make them who they are.

Coffee table photo book with photos of couples vacations
Wedding albums with Wedding photos of a newly married couple

Wedding Photo Album

Of course, if you don’t already have a wedding photo book to display, it’s time to make one. Select your favorite stunning wedding photos, behind-the-scenes candid photos, and lighthearted moments from your reception party and create a Wedding Photo Book to relive the day. This is also a great gift for parents and in-laws who may also want to remember the big day and display it in their homes. And don’t forget to create a romantic book cover with your favorite photo of the day. 

What Makes the Best Coffee Table Book?

The best coffee table book is not just a mere decoration; it's a visual narrative that speaks volumes about your style, interests, and personality. These stylish custom Photo Books allow you to curate your favorite photographs in a way that allows your guests to look through them and adds to your home's decor. 

The first step to creating a print coffee table book is to choose a personalized photo album cover to draw people in. For a Valentine’s Day Coffee Table Photo Book, select a photograph of you and your partner that is sweet and romantic. Examples might be your wedding day, a day at the beach together, conquering a height with a beautiful mountain backdrop, or you with your four-legged best friends. 

Romantic Captions

Use captions to tell a story with your custom Photo Book! Add personal insights into where the photos were taken, who took the pictures, or what your first impressions were of your true love. Use love song lyrics, romantic love quotes, and your retelling of special moments to tell your love story in your own way.

Remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by writing your own poetry, you can include short love poems in the captions that are already written! If you are hoping to create meaningful Valentine gifts for your loved one, create a photobook with poetry written by their favorite poet beneath your favorite couple photos.

Select Your Size

Consider which coffee table book size will work best for your project. Does a larger collection of smaller 8”x8” books on a shelf fit your space well or does a 12”x12” hard-covered book placed on the coffee table work best? Your personal aesthetic preferences should guide your decisions, along with the types of photographs that you will display. Large, panoramic, or scenic photographs deserve a backdrop like our luxurious Layflat Photo Book, while casual couple selfies will blend in perfectly with our Softcover Photo Books.

At SimplePrints, we offer a variety of coffee table book sizes:

Coffee Table Book Interior Design

The interior pages of your print coffee table book are what will tell the story, so it’s important to get it right. For casual books or books where you want to fit a lot of photographs into it, make use of many collages. These can also be helpful if you mostly have candid shots or photos taken with your phone. However, for life’s biggest moments, such as wedding photographs and other professional photos, make them stand out by giving them their own dedicated page. Hardcover Layflat Photo Books are perfect for highlighting photographs that deserve to stand on their own, so you can see every stunning detail. 

Coffee table photo book ideas for different memories and ocassions

Design Your Own Photo Book in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download the SimplePrints App

Get started creating your personalized photo book by downloading the SimplePrints app

Step 2: Create a New Project and Upload Your Photos

Launch the SimplePrints app and tap on "Create New Project.”. Select the type and size of your desired photo book and upload your cherished photos directly from your device's gallery or social media accounts. SimplePrints makes it easy to arrange and rearrange your images to tell your unique story seamlessly.

Step 3: Customize with Captions, Sizes, Collages, and More

Create your photo book with SimplePrints and enjoy our seamless customization options. Add captions to relive the details behind each picture. Experiment with different collages, layouts, backgrounds, and themes to create the perfect visual flow. 

And there you have it – in three straightforward steps, you've transformed your cherished memories into a beautifully personalized photo book, ready to be shared and treasured.

Remember, the SimplePrints app is designed to simplify the process without compromising creativity. So, why wait? Start creating your one-of-a-kind print coffee table book today!

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