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Coffee table books are a popular, easy-to-design home décor item. Whether you want to impress your guests with stylish photography from your travels or warm their hearts with sweet newborn photos, you can design a custom coffee table book online with the SimplePrints app!

Display memories for friends and family with SimplePrints Coffee table books. Add memories from different ocassions.

Confused about what type of coffee table book you should go for? Here are a few ideas to create your unique and stylish keepsake:

Wedding Photography Book

Our favorite pick for your coffee table books wedding photos is our 12x12 Hardcover Layflat Photo Book. The gutter-less design means no details are left hidden in the folds and the ultra-thick pages will stand the test of time. Customize the coffee table book layout with bridal portraits, group photos, and action shots of the dancing.

Create coffee table books with wedding photos. Add bridal potraits, group photos & candid photos
Make Birthday special Coffee table books with SimplePrints and cherish birthday memories

Birthday Coffee Table Books

Create a stack of 8x8 Softcover Photo Books that capture each year's birthday celebrations! Add a personalized photo book to the pile year after year or designate a basket underneath for your birthday photo book. Our Softcover Photo Books are the most affordable option, and the flexible cover makes it easy to flip through the pages. All of our hardcover photo books have a clean, minimal white spine with custom text, making it easy to pick out your favorite photo album from the stack or shelf.

Pro Tip: Custom photo books make thoughtful gifts for all ages. Whether you are shopping for a first-grader or your grandmother, they are sure to appreciate a beautiful photo book that they can keep on display and look through for years to come. Check out our birthday photoshoot ideas and get inspired. 

Travel Photo Book

Our 12x12 Hardcover Layflat Photo Book is our top pick for showing off your travel photos. Our Layflat designs allow for panoramic viewing, uninterrupted by the curve of the pages. Use our custom photo filters to create a seamless theme that flows throughout the photo book and gives your photos a more uniform feel. Get creative with your photo book size! Layer your biggest books on the bottom of the pile and the smallest on top. Rotate the books at 90-degree angles to create an interesting effect.


Display your travel memories with Coffee table books by SimplePrints & impress your guests.

Pro Tip: Add a few unique bookmarks, corkboard coasters, and a scented candle and enjoy your new coffee table books décor!

Create a Holiday themed Photo Booksyearly photo book that showcases life’s sweetest moments.

Holiday Themed Photo Books

Create a yearly photo book that showcases life’s sweetest moments. Grandparents will love visiting the living room and looking through photo books featuring cookie baking, opening presents, and handmade holiday decorations. Our top pick is an 8x8 Hardcover Photo book for your custom coffee table book for the holidays!

Family Yearly Photo Books

One of our favorite ideas is to create family yearly photo books for reflecting back on those precious moments of the year. Include big moments from the school year, vacations, travel faux-pas, and all things silly and memorable. Keep it light and casual or dress it up with professional photography. We love our 12x12 Hardcover Photo Books for your yearly coffee table book photo album!

Create family yearly photo books online with SimplePrints & reflect back on those precious moments of the year.

How to Create Custom Photo Books?

Make your own coffee table books online with the SimplePrints app.

First, pick your favorite photo book ideas and decide what theme you want to create first. Once you’ve decided on the type of photos you want, start sorting through your favorite pictures on your camera’s photo app and create a photo album online easily. You can also do this through social media, Dropbox, Google Photos, and more.

Next, start a new project on the SimplePrints app and upload your favorite photos! You can add the pictures to the pages one at a time or have the app automatically fill in the pages. Use the SimplePrints Photo Bar to keep organized as you add and remove pictures.

Feeling a little lost? Watch this short video to help you get started.

Once you are happy with your photo book layout, you can decide which type of photo book you want to purchase. Explore the options and preview your favorites. Select the type of cover, the thickness of the pages, and more.

Then it’s time to order! Our photo books are handmade in New York, USA. Once we’re done crafting, we’ll send it right to your front door.

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