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There’s never a wrong time to create a Family Memory Book that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you need a photo gift for an upcoming anniversary, holiday, or birthday, or you want to surprise your loved ones with a custom photo book to honor your family traditions, SimplePrints makes it easy to start creating today.

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In this blog post, we will share 10 unforgettable memory book ideas. We will cover everything from family reunion photo books to wedding photo books, so you're sure to find something perfect for your family.

Family Reunion Photo Book


If you are looking forward to a family reunion, drawing crowds from all over the nation (or even the world!), create a family memory book that honors that time together! Make use of the captions to match names with faces. Don’t forget to take photos of the delicious food, family games, and any other Family Reunion activities.


Another fun way to capture your family gatherings is with a Custom Wall Calendar. Give each family (or person, for smaller families) a month of the year and fill the pages with memorable family reunion moments.


Team Tip: Did you know you can share preview links in the SimplePrints app? This makes it easy to share your project with the whole family and they can even order a copy for themselves in the app.

Family Vacation Photo Book

No matter if your vacation consists of a family road trip to Grandma’s for the weekend or a week on a cruise ship with all your cousins, aunts, and uncles, cherish the memories with a family vacation photo book!
These travel photo album ideas are priceless when it comes to creating photo gifts for your family. If you and your spouse are planning an anniversary trip, consider making a vacation photo book to share all the things you saw, the food you ate, and the activities you tried while you were away. Personalized gifts like this can make children feel included in the experience, especially if you include a souvenir.

Team Tip:  If you have multiple kids and want to give each of them their own personalized photo book, consider creating a set of Mini Photo Books! Each order comes with 3 identical books, making them ideal for sharing photos in a way that feels special. Mini Photo Books are also a great choice for memorable family vacations, like trips to Disney World!


Wedding Photo Book


Of course, every wedding deserves its own photo album. Create a stunning, high-quality photo album deserving of your beautiful photos with a Layflat Photo Book. Each ultra-thick luster-finish page will bring out the best in your portraits. If you are looking for a memorable gift idea for the matriarch in your family, choose all the best photos from every generation of weddings in the family and compile a Family Memory Book that she will cherish for years to come.

Birth Photography Photo Book

Keep the precious, sacred moments from your baby’s birth safe and sound in a baby photo book designed to last. You will want to revisit those tender newborn moments again and again. Make it easy to flip through those special memories with a birth photography photo book! Choose your own template for each page, whether you want to highlight each photo on its own page or create a collage to fit all of them in. We love Layflat Photo Books for birth photography because of the panoramic viewing experience that they offer.


Preserving History with Modern Photo Books

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Speaking of celebrating major life events, don’t forget about your collection of photographs from the pre-digital era. Preserve family photos before they start to deteriorate. Scan and upload your photos to create a Family Memory Book from all your hard copies. (Click here for a tutorial on digitizing your photos!)

If you want to preserve photographs from an older relative, create the project with them and learn who is in each photograph and create a memory journal using the captions to describe the scene, who is in the photo, and what year it was taken in.

Family Traditions Photo Book

If your family keeps traditions for holidays, religious reasons, or just for fun, create a family history book to honor them! Use the captions to explain the history behind the tradition and which family member started it. Consider asking each family member of the family tree for their own traditions to include in the book!


Family Recipe Photo Book

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal made by someone you love, using old family recipes that you all love. Capture the recipes behind your favorite holidays, birthdays, parties, and more by creating a Family Recipe Book. For shorter recipes, you can use the captions to write the instructions. For longer recipes, use a program like Canva or Photoshop to add instructions on a graphic to upload beside the photos. For more in-depth instructions on how to create your Family Recipe Book, check out this blog post!


Birthdays Through the Years Photo Book

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming 18-year-old? Create a yearly Photo Book that highlights every birthday they’ve shared with you, complete with photos of the party decorations, cakes, and guests on each page! Make sure to use the captions to name everyone in the photos. This is such a fun way to take a walk down memory lane with your kiddo.


Bedtime Story Photo Book

If you love reading bedtime stories to your kids, this is the perfect Family Memory Book for you. Create your own bedtime story using photos of your family and write the story in the captions.You could write about your family story, such as how you met their other parents and what your first home looked like, or even go back in time to tell your grandparents’ story! Another idea is to use storytelling through photography to create children's custom storybooks. Have your kids help you write a story, then use their dress-up clothes and toys as props to act out their fantastical adventure. Your kids will remember your family's short stories for years to come.


Seek and Find Custom Photo Book

The Find Momo books are very popular for kids today because they are fun seek-and-find stories featuring an adorable border collie. You can create a similar story (even if your photography skills aren’t perfect) and surprise your kids with a fun book they will want to read over and over. Get your pets in on the action and take photos for the seek-and-find story and use the space in the captions to tell your kids who and what to look for. Whether you create this for your own kids or perhaps for your nieces and nephews who live far away, you are certain to brighten their day with this fun and memorable gift!

Tip: We love the flexibility of our Softcover Photo Books for the Bedtime Story and the Seek and Find Photo Books. It’s so easy to flip through the pages and feels like a “real storybook.” However, if your children are still very young and might accidentally rip the covers, a standard Hardcover Photo Book might be the choice for you.


Create a Family Memory Book with SimplePrints

Create a beautiful and lasting family memory book with SimplePrints! Whether you're looking for a gift for an upcoming holiday or anniversary, or you just want to cherish special moments with your loved ones, a family photo book is the perfect way to do it.

We hope that these 10 ideas have inspired you to start creating your own Custom Photo Book. Get started creating something beautiful today with these easy steps:

1.      Download the free SimplePrints app

2.      Create a New Project and Upload Your Photos

3.      Customize the Layout and Captions

4.      Order your Custom Photo Book!

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