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Your bridal party consists of the people that you can rely on the most to help you get through the stress of wedding planning and celebrate with you along the way. That’s why we’re compiling our favorite gift ideas for a bridal party, to help you honor those that are there for you on your special day. All of these gifts ideas are thoughtful, easy, and most importantly – fun!


The first step before you sit down to shop for your gifts is to create a timeline. Are you planning on giving the gift during your engagement party, when you ask them to be part of the bridal party, during your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or even your reception? Decide when you plan to give the custom gifts and plan ahead! You will want to allow time for shipping to make sure that everything arrives on time. SimplePrints products take 5-10 business days to arrive and can take a few days to create, so give yourself plenty of time to order.

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaid. Make it special with a personalized gift box! You can use a company that sells pre-made boxes complete with bathroom robes, a proposal card, a luggage tag, purse makeup bag, and more. For a more personal touch, you can brainstorm your own gifts for bridesmaids ideas, such as a custom tumblers set, customized flowers, and a custom photo book.

Build your “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” photo book by selecting all your favorite photos together and adding captions along the way. At the end of the book, on the last page, include a photo of you holding up aBrides Crew” t-shirt or similar gift and the caption “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Include the book with your gift box personalized for your bridesmaids and they are sure to say yes! You can also use this idea for gifts for the Maid of Honor. Our mini photo books are the perfect addition to your gift box! They are small enough to fit in almost any box or bag and you get three books when you order. This photo book will be cherished long after the festivities are done, so be sure to include photos of each bridesmaid in the book if you go this route!


If you are planning your wedding well in advance, help your girls out by giving them a wedding planning customizable wall calendar to remember all those special dates! Customize the calendar with your favorite photos and have them shipped to you (the bride). When the calendars arrive, you can go the extra mile and add any special dates to the calendar with pens or stickers, such as an upcoming bridal party or bachelorette getaway. This is a great way to keep everyone in the loop while still making it fun!

Wedding Planning Wall Calendar


Bouquet Bachelorette Invitations

Are you planning to take the girls somewhere special for your bachelorette party? When it comes time to invite your bridal party to the special getaway, attach the last-night-out details (whether that includes a plane ticket or concert tickets) and tuck them in an envelope and attach them to a customized bouquet of flowers for special gift ideas for a bridal party! Your bridal party will be pleasantly surprised and made to feel special when they open their invitations.


The Night Before Your Wedding

The night before your wedding is a sentimental time to thank those that helped you throughout the entire wedding planning process. Give your bridesmaids a heartfelt surprise with a custom canvas print for each of them. Maybe you have a fantastic group photograph from your Bachelorette party or individual photos that really bring out the best in your girls. Customized canvas prints are a great way to kick the night off! Then slip into your bridesmaid pajamas sets and robes for bridesmaids and watch your favorite movies, use your favorite face masks, and make the most out of your time together

Surprise Gift After the Wedding

While you are away on your honeymoon, arrange for custom photo books to be sent to your bridesmaids as a surprise gift! Fill your photo book with pictures from the wedding planning, parties, and of course, the wedding itself. SimplePrints photo books have a dedication page where you can customize a note to thank your bridesmaids with their name, a personalized memory that you both love, and any other details you want to include. Your bridesmaids will love looking back on the time you spent together planning your big day. This is one of our favorite gift ideas for a bridal party since you get to include all those magical wedding moments.


Celebrate your Special Day with SimplePrints

No matter what gift ideas for a bridal party you choose, you can’t go wrong with customized photo gifts from SimplePrints. Design all your gifts right in our easy-to-use app and order them whenever you are ready. You can download the app and start creating for free!

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