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Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, but each one is unique in the relationship that you share. Look no further for gift ideas for friends! Whether your best friend is your spouse, your parent, sibling, your childhood friend, or your college roommate, it can feel nice to surprise them with a fun gift of friendship. Explore our unique gifts for friends and customize gifts to fit your best friend’s personality. 

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The Friend with Kids

Whether you are the designated “fun uncle” or you simply spend a lot of time with your best friend’s kiddos, you can easily create photo collage gifts for friends with kids. Select your favorite photos from your trip to the zoo or the amusement park and create a work of art with our custom Canvas Prints Look no further for gift ideas for friends with kids! Your mom friend will love seeing her family from your perspective and showing off a photo with all her favorite people! 


Childhood Friends

Do you have that one friend whom you’ve known since you were little kids? Maybe your parents were best friends and you just happened to get along. These friends can be as close as siblings (and equally as challenging to shop for!). One of our favorite gifts for childhood friends is to create a photobook online with SimplePrintsthat highlights what it was like to grow up together. From baby photos to those awkward teen years to standing in each other’s weddings, bring all those special moments together with a custom Photo Book.

The Roommate Friend

If you and your roommate became instant best friends, you probably want to let them know how much you appreciate them. If you are looking for gift ideas for friends on Christmas or their birthday, consider a personalized photo print! Find your favorite photograph of the two of you together and create personalized Metal Prints. Your roommate will love hanging this photo in your shared space and bonus - you get to see it every day too. Custom Metal Prints are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. One of our favorites is our“5x7” Metal Prints - perfect for any tiny dorm.


Friends Squad

Are you lucky enough to have more than one close friend? You can surprise your squad with a friend's gift set of 3 identical Mini Photo Books. Savor all the laughs and memorable mayhem with pocket-sized Photo Books that match all your besties. It’s easy to create custom gifts for friends with our Pocket-sized Photo Books. This is one of our favorite gift ideas for friends because it is so easy to share these mini photo books. 

The In-Laws

Redefine the stereotypes about challenging in-laws and embrace a new kind of friendship! Whether you are besties with your mother-in-law or looking for gifts for your brother-in-law, you can create customized gifts for friends (that also happen to be family.) Create12x12 Photo Book sharing memorable moments with your spouse and their family and cherish your unique friendship.


Gifts for Married Friends

Is your best friend getting married this year? You need to find gift ideas for a friend's wedding and fast! Don’t stress. SimplePrints makes it easy to create custom gifts online for any occasion. You know your friend best, so select the photographs that they will love the most and create a Hardcover Layflat Photo Book of all your favorite times together. This is a great gift if you’ve been selected to be the best man or maid-of-honor in their celebration and it’s sure to bring on the tears!

SimplePrints Makes it Easy!

It can feel overwhelming to create personalized gifts for a best friend (or friends!) but you can easily create coffee table books and more.  Your friends know you well and will appreciate your unique flair to any gift they receive. Download the SimplePrints app for free on iOS and Android and get started creating easy custom photo gifts online with the SimplePrints app.

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