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A good teacher is worth their weight in gold. They can transform a shy, nervous child into a bold leader in the classroom with steady encouragement and a positive spirit. Teachers spend most of each school day helping your child (or yourself) learn more about themselves, their world, and their community. Say thank you for all they do with these unique personalized gifts for teachers.

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Elementary School Teachers

If you have a child in Kindergarten, they are likely still learning how to say thank you to teachers. After all, it’s their first years in school! Now is the time to teach your child why it is important to appreciate teachers. You might even help your child learn how to make a present for your teacher or teacher’s assistant! 
You can create DIY gifts for teachers with younger students, who will enjoy creating something unique for their teachers. Some examples are buying a stylish coffee mug, or painting a blank one, and filling it with candy or other goodies (such as colorful pens and highlighters) and bringing it to school during Teachers Appreciation Week. Their teacher will love hearing about how much thought the child put into their gift!


Your child might enjoy writing a poem for teachers to express how much fun they have had throughout the year. The poem doesn’t have to be complicated! Write an acrostic poem, where each letter stands for a new word or phrase. Here is one example:








Fill in each letter with your own words. Let children help you google “words that start with _” and find which descriptive words stand out to them! Your child will love creating personalized gifts for teachers with you!

Use your child’s creative poem to create a Softcover Photo Book. Each page can feature a caption with one of the lines from the poem, an accompanying photo from the school year, or appropriate photographs that your child feels fits the photo book theme. 

You can create a custom photo book with the best photo book maker online: the SimplePrints app!


Middle School Gifts for Teacher’s Day

Middle school teachers are influential during a very pivotal part of a child’s education. Often, these years are when students find out what they are really skilled at and which things are challenging to them. It takes a great teacher to help them navigate complicated classroom dynamics and challenging materials. If you are looking for a personalized gift for teachers' appreciation, ask your child which teachers have had a positive impact on them. You might learn that their music teacher has been working to help them prepare for an upcoming recital or that the art teacher lets them stay in during breaks to work on their next masterpiece. Honor these teachers’ efforts with a custom Photo Book that captures all those special moments. 

Collect photos from school events, such as parades, holiday recitals, and school dances, and create a yearly photo book from a different perspective. You can even tailor the book to the teacher’s expertise. If you are creating a gift for a music teacher, narrow the photographs to capture those melodic moments throughout the year. 

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Big Moments 

Did your elementary-aged student have a big moment during the school year? Maybe their class cleaned up the local park, sponsored a zoo animal, or participated in a talent show. If your little one shared a significant moment during the school year and you could capture it on camera, consider creating a small custom Canvas Print for their teacher! Our 8x12 Canvas Print size is the perfect present for teachers to hang on the wall by their desks. They will love revisiting that moment of triumph! 

Gifts for High School Teachers

High schoolers today often have their own cell phones. Work with your child to create online gifts for teachers using the photos that they have taken throughout the school year. These pictures often have a different perspective than photos in a school yearbook. You could even create Mini Photo Books in a set of 3 so that your student can give books to all their favorite teachers! These pocket-sized photo books would be easy to display on a teacher’s desk and you could even tuck a gift card in between the pages for an extra thank you. These books make meaningful gifts to teachers for graduation.

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Gifts for Teachers Retirement

It can be a challenge to know what to get for a retiring teacher. It is often emotional for kids and teachers both when the day to retire finally arrives. It’s possible to have all your children pass through the same teacher’s classroom door. Or perhaps you are a teacher yourself and you’d like to give a meaningful gift to your colleague as they finally set down the ruler. Talk with all the teachers at your school and collaborate to create a Layflat Photo Book with as many pictures as you can find throughout their careers. For some teachers, this might span 15 or more years at one school! This is sure to be a sentimental gift as your dear friend relives those special moments throughout the years. 

Gifts for Professors

Professors have a unique opportunity to guide their students through life-changing decisions about their future careers and themselves. If you want to honor a professor who has impacted your life, make a statement with custom photo prints online that represent how they have helped you. If your professor inspired you to stick it out and graduate, give a personalized Metal Print of yourself finally wearing your cap and gown. Or if they inspired you to follow your dreams, provide them with a print of yourself on your first day in your new job as a working professional. Small metal prints are easy to hang in their office and will remind them why they always give 110% to their students.


Outside the Classroom

Teachers are not limited to the folks who guide students through their school work. You might be looking for personalized gifts for teachers outside the classroom as well. 


Thoughtful Gifts for Coaches

At the end of the sports season, coaches often get to keep a group photograph of the whole team. But outside of that, their memories consist of only the highs and lows that spring to mind when they think of the season. After all, coaches tend to be busy coaching and not taking photographs. 
However, if you have been able to take photographs at games and practices, you might consider creating a Softcover Photo Book with all your favorite snapshots of the season. Highlight how the team grew and changed, write captions that relay the scores from the game, and you could even have the whole team sign the front cover. This is a fantastic gift for teachers at the end of the year because it shows how much the team has grown together! 

The SimplePrints app also makes it easy to share your photo book creations with a link, so you could share your photo book with other parents who might want to order a book for themselves. 

Gifts for Dance Teachers

Dancing is a rigorous activity that includes many hours of practice. Capture the heart and soul of the sport and create a photo book for your dance teacher. Similar to the book for sports coaches, you can take photographs from practices and events. If your little ballerina has been working all year for the big recital at the end of the year, capture the journey from the beginning to the final plié in a stunning unique Photo Book. 

If you can snap a picture of the whole dance group together, consider creating a custom Canvas Print for the coach. They will love to hang this wall print in their office, gym, or wherever they teach. Both of these personalized gifts for dance teachers will show just how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year.

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Easily Create Custom Gifts for Teachers with SimplePrints

Teachers have always been, and always will be, a valuable part of society and individual communities. They help shape the world around them by helping young people learn and thrive. Whether you are looking to create a gift for a Kindergarten teacher or your University professor, you can create custom photo gifts with SimplePrints. It’s easy to download the app, upload your photos, and start creating all within a matter of minutes. It’s never been easier to create personalized gifts for a teacher in your life.

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