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Kids grow up so fast. In no time, your little baby is all grown up, and reminiscing over those treasured moments through photos is a way to relive old memories. With the SimplePrints app you can create your own customized Kids photo books to feel nostalgic about your child's growing-up years! 

Relive your child's wonderful & treasured memories as they grow up with SimplePrints custom Kids Photo Books

​A kids photo book is a keepsake for your family and loved ones to reflect on your kid’s journey and significant moments. Here are our favorite kids photo books ideas to cherish those memories:

  • Celebrate and preserve milestones: While growing up, your child will have many firsts. Document them! Capture each unique milestone, such as the first day of school, first sport, first vacation, and special outings. Create a personalized photo book for your child’s firsts and transport yourself down memory lane whenever you look at them. Your child will also enjoy looking at the photos for many years to come.


  • Capture celebrations and occasions: Create a custom photo book for your child’s birthday, Christmas celebration, and all other holiday celebrations. You can create a photo book for each occasion or create a photo book that centers around certain holidays and capture how your celebrations change throughout the years. An example of this would be a Christmas photo book that features celebrations over ten years, condensed into one special book.

Capture & preserve milestones like your child's firsts and enjoy looking at them in Kids photo book
  • Story photo books: An interesting way of preserving those delightful childhood memories is through showcasing your child’s journey in the form of a story. Make them the protagonist of the book and display the photos with captions by creating a custom photo story book. You can edit the title of the book with their name, such as “Jessica’s Heroic Adventure!”. A story photo book can also be displayed as a coffee table book for guests to look at!

  • Growing up photo books: Design a custom photo book dedicated to how your child changes through the years. Organize and display the photos chronologically. Make separate sections for all the years and cherish the phases of your child.  Reflecting back on memories of growing up, after years, is very sentimental and will become a family favorite. You can write observations such as height, school grade, and more in the captions, along with any funny stories.

  • Yearly photo books: Collect and organize special memories from each year and create a yearly kids photo book. Use holiday photos, vacation photos, photos with friends, family, school photos, and many more! Create a personalized yearly photo book annually, so that it is easy to look through the photos with your kids for generations to come. 

Create Kids photo book with SimplePrints 

Cherish memories from different celebrations such as birthday, anniversary, school, vacation and add them in Kids photo book by SimplePrints

Here are the steps you need to take to create a custom photo book online with SimplePrints:

1. Create a New Project


Click “Catalog” and choose which product you would like to start creating. Select the option for a  photo book. SimplePrints has different photo book options you can choose from. You can choose between an 8-inch photo book or a 12-inch photo book. Softcover photo books are only available in the 8-inch size, while hardcover photo books are available in either 8-inch or 12-inch. 


2. Select Paper Type


For your Kids photo book, you can decide between three different paper types; standard, premium, and photo lustre. Standard paper is lightweight and flexible and a great option for casual photo books. Premium paper is our favorite choice for photo books because they have a heavy-duty quality that will stand the test of time (and eager little hands.) Photo lustre is the thickest paper with the most vibrant colors. 


3. Add Your Organized Photo Folder!


One of the best features of the SimplePrints app is the ability to access photos wherever they are on your phone or social media. If you have created an organized photo folder for your custom photo book, you can upload them from Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, and more. 


4. Customize Your Book & Order


You can move photos around to create collages, add caption text, and edit the number of pages in your book. Once you have previewed your book, you are ready to submit the order! 

Check out all SimplePrints products and deliver them to your doorstep in a few simple steps!

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