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Confused between Metal prints vs Canvas.  SimplePrints helps you decide between the two.

Metal Prints & Canvas prints are both great options to refresh your space! These personalized wall art prints are available in different sizes and look elegant & gorgeous while displaying beautiful memories! There is a big question of Metal prints vs Canvas and which one is the right option. We tried to make the decision easier for you by explaining the details of both print options!


If you are looking for a modern touch of sophistication, then Metal prints might be the right choice for you. Metal prints art is not only stylish and modern but they are also lightweight and long-lasting for hanging indoors or outdoors. Metal prints can be modern decor for your house or office space and it is also a good custom photo gift idea for friends and family! 

Custom metal photo prints are printed on sheets of aluminum with high-resolution photographs. These eye-catching prints come ready to hang out of the box and are easy to clean. The best part yet is that they have a glossy finish ready to make your photos shine.  The high contrast makes the photo look prominent and displays the details beautifully. Metal prints are a perfect choice if your home has neutral walls and parallel lines.

Metal prints size options. Choose the size of your metal prints according to your preference.


Get personalized canvas prints by SimplePrints and make your interior look aesthetic!

If you are looking for a traditional wall print that looks classy in your space, Canvas prints are the best option. This museum-quality canvas print comes with a beautiful matte finish that can be viewed from any angle without glare. Personalized Canvas prints highlight your memories in an artistic way. 


The photographs are stretched across a canvas without losing the original luster of the photograph. if your image is not big enough to cover the edges, SimplePrints auto performs pixel stretching so your image continues till the edge of the canvas towards the wall. This effect allows up to 36% more of your photo to print on the face of the canvas, rather than be cropped off due to wrapping. Canvas prints come with their own hanging hardware, a sawtooth hook, and screws, which makes it seamless to display!

METAL PRINTS VS CANVAS - A quick comparison 

Comparison between Metal prints vs canvas. A quick comparison.

The question of metal prints vs canvas for your prints also depends on your personal choice. Both metal prints and canvas have their own unique qualities & characteristics. The choice also depends on the interiors of the space you are considering the prints for. If you are deciding between metal prints vs canvas for gifting purposes, you can make a decision based on your budget and photo theme. Create & customize metal prints & canvas prints on your phone via the SimplePrints app.

Check out more ways to cherish your memories forever with SimplePrints products and get them delivered to your doorstep!

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