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What could be sweeter than designing your baby’s first nursery? You have probably spent hours picking out the perfect furniture for the space, the right wall color, and the safest, most cozy crib you could find. All the while, you imagine your sweet baby growing up right in this room! At first, it can be overwhelming to find your favorite baby nursery ideas. Once you have put all that thought into the main pieces of the nursery, it is time to start decorating. One of our favorite additions is personalized wall art for baby. 

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Family Group Photos

Before your baby is born, of course you won’t have any photos of them! But if you have a loving group photograph that features all the people who will be main characters in your baby’s life (their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other important family members) then consider creating personalized wall art for baby in the form of a canvas print. Select a photo that shows off all those familiar faces!

Team pick: Create a customized 12x16 canvas print to hang on a wall nearby the crib. Make sure your baby will be able to see the wall art as they drift off into sweet dreams!

Maternity & Newborn Photoshoot

Pregnancy is such a special time and children love seeing what life was like for their parents before they emerged into the world. If you have favorite photos from both a maternity photoshoot and a newborn photoshoot, hang your custom canvas prints side-by-side to treasure those precious, all-too-fleeting moments. You can create timeless personalized wall art for nursery or a nursery corner in your room easily with SimplePrints.

Team pick: Plan ahead and take a photograph wearing the same outfit or posing the same way in both photographs for a stunning effect. Create two 16x24 canvas prints for a large wall or two 8x12 canvas prints if you are working in a smaller space.


 Baby Photo Collage 

If you took creative close-up snap shots of your newborn’s wrinkly little toes, button nose, and pouting lips, you can create a photo collage online with the SimplePrints app! If you styled an accent wall with a busy wallpaper, consider creating metal prints in black and white to make the photographs pop against the background. This photo print on metal is a fantastic choice for any room!

Team pick: Create multiple 5x7 metal prints and hang them in a collage in both portrait and landscape directions for a beautiful statement piece.

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Double the Fun Custom Wall Arts

If you are looking for the perfect personalized gifts for twin babies, look no further. You can find unique photographs of each of the twins (bonus points if the pictures show off their respective personalities!) and create unique canvas prints to hang in their room. Hang each custom canvas print above their cribs or beds for a fun twist to the classic room decor. You can even let the canvas prints grow with the twins and create unique gifts for the twins' first birthday and each year after. There are so many baby room decor ideas that you can explore with custom wall art.

Team pick: Create two 24x36 canvas prints and show off the wall art personalized for each baby. 


Unique Gifts for First Birthday

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For the modern nursery, consider creating custom wall arts with your favorite vibrant photographs. This makes a lovely unique birthday gift for a baby, especially if you have a photograph of your baby hiking on Dad’s back through beautiful terrain or a dramatic photograph of their first reaction to fireworks. Metal prints are amazing for capturing high contrast, detailed photographs of landscapes, and close-up, expressive photos. This memorable personalized wall art for baby will last for years to come.

Team pick: Create a custom 5x7 metal print of your favorite photograph and hang it where your little adventurer can see! 

Gifts for Baby from Grandparents

Photo gifts are not exclusive to parents! If you are getting ready to celebrate your grandchild’s big day, you can create personalized gifts for the baby's first birthday with SimplePrints. Maybe you have a sweet snapshot of you and your grandchild daring to go down that big slide together or of your grandbaby enjoying the view of your garden in your protective arms. These true-to-life photos are a wonderful way to share your favorite moments with your grandbabies. 


Team pick: Create 8x12 canvas prints that will be easy for your grandchild to store and bring with them throughout the years. 

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Keepsakes for Loving Grandparents

Grandparents will love to receive wall art personalized with photos of their grandchildren. If you recently welcomed a special little one into your family, you likely have loving grandparents waiting in the wings to share in the joy. You can give a custom metal print of your first family photos or a favorite picture from the newborn baby photoshoot to the grandparents! 


Team pick: We love 12x18 metal prints for gifts for grandparents because it allows for flexibility on where they hang. Grandparents can choose to hang the metal print in their living room, sun porch, or wood-working shop because metal prints are durable enough to go anywhere.

Create Custom Wall Art Canvas or Metal Prints Easily!

You can easily create DIY personalized wall art for baby with the SimplePrints app. Those precious photos don’t have to stay hidden on your phone! Display you favorite snapshots of baby in three easy steps. 

  1. Download the SimplePrints app for free

  2. Create a new wall art project and upload your photographs

  3. Design and purchase your custom wall arts!

What will you create in our easy-to-use app?

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