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Your beloved four-legged friend is just as much a member of the family as the rest of you and these dog photo book ideas are intended to help you keep those special memories close to your heart. Whether you want to celebrate your new puppy with dog photo shoots or you are looking for ideas for dog memorial albums, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for dog photo albums below.

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Look and Find Photobook

The popular photography book series, Find Momo, is the inspiration for this fun photoshoot ideas for puppies. This is an especially fun book to create with or for children and will surely be cherished for years to come. It’s easy to create this fun look and find a photobook! You can have a photoshoot with dogs in your family and even use your phone to take the photos. Take pictures of your dog hiding in unusual places, sneaking under the coffee table, or in the background of interesting pictures. Then create a photobook online and encourage your children to find your dog in every image. Making this creative dog story book will be almost as fun as reading it!


Team Pick: 8”x8” Hardcover Photo Book

Puppy days

Puppies grow up so quickly, but you can cherish those sweet moments forever with a puppy days photo book. You can even create photo collages online that show how much your little buddy has grown, such as photos of them being way too big for the armchair that they slept in as a pup or snuggling with the same teddy bear. This is a really lovely way to honor all the precious moments your family has shared with your pet. 


Team Pick: 12”x12” Hardcover Photo Book

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The Helping Paw

Does your four-legged friend have a job as a therapy animal, service dog, or support animal? Few are surprised when they learn about dogs' impact on mental health. These lovable friends help people every day. You can create a special pet photo book for the pup that has made a huge impact in your life. Whether you are a student at a school with a therapy dog or you have a personal service companion, these custom pet books are a fantastic way to treasure those special moments. If you are creating a photo book for a therapy animal in a public setting, such as a retirement home, school, or work place, consider creating a photo book to keep at the dog’s place of work so they can share their accomplishments with all their future students and guests.


Team Pick: 8”x8”  Layflat Photo Book 

Puppy Pals

Does your dog have a best friend? Maybe there is dog friends that your pup has met at the dog park or your dog has made an unexpected human pal that you greet on your daily walks. This style of dog photo albums highlight all your pets' favorite friends, human and canine, and will help you remember all the lovely memories.


Team Pick: 3.5”x3.5” Mini Photo Books - These come in sets of three, so you can easily share these perfect gift books with your pup’s best friends.


Through Their Eyes

If you love to take photographs of your pet, you might enjoy creating a custom dog photo album that captures the world from your pet’s perspective. This pet photo book takes getting on your pet’s level literally and taking photos of their favorite places and people or it might mean taking photographs of your pet when you are kneeling or laying at their level. You might surprise yourself with how great your dog photo portraits turn out! For more tips on how to use perspective effectively in dog photography, we love this blog post from Expert Photography.

Team Pick: 8”x8”  Softcover Photo Book

Dog Memorial Book

The hardest part of loving a pet is when it comes time to say goodbye. Everyone will grieve their pets in their own way, but there are a few things to do in memory of your dog that can help you cope with your loss. Creating a dog memorial book allows you to relive those wonderful memories time and time again. 


If your loss is still fresh, but you still hope to create dog photo albums, you can share a compiled photo album on Dropbox or Google Drive with a trusted family member or friend and they can easily import the images into the SimplePrints app, without you having to go through each photo. We suggest that you use the captions feature for dog memories, quotes, and special moments. Then you or your loved one can create a SimplePrints photo book with all your favorite moments.


Team Pick: 12”x12” Layflat Photo Book

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Dog photo albums are a unique and special gift for any dog parent or even as a gift to your whole family. Whether you have invested in dog photography or you love taking pictures of your four-legged friend, you can find a style of custom pet books that works for you. 

SimplePrints makes it easy. You can download our app on iOs and Android and start creating photo books in minutes! You can create photo books for yourself, your family, and your friends with ease. Check out our guide to getting started with the SimplePrints app here.

Create Dog photo albums Easily!

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