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Crafting the Perfect Valentine’s Gift Basket with SimplePrints

Valentine Gift Basket with flowers and wine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to create thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts. This year, we’re leaning into the trend of creating DIY gift baskets! These baskets incorporate precious memories, sweet treats, and thoughtful items to make the perfect personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day. If you want meaningful Valentine's gifts, look no further than these Valentine Gift Basket ideas!

Get Started Creating Your Valentine Gift Basket:

Creating a stunning gift basket involves more than just placing items together; it’s about that “Wow!” Factor. Follow these simple steps to assemble a gift basket that will leave a lasting impression:

Shallow round gift basket with an assortment of soaps and scrubs

1. Choose a Suitable Container: 

Select a container that complements the theme of your gift. Options include traditional wicker baskets, stylish metal tins, decorative boxes, or even reusable items like tote bags, mason jars, or wooden crates.

2. Lay the Foundation with Filler:

Add a layer of filler material to the bottom of the basket to provide a stable base and enhance the overall presentation. Popular choices include shredded paper, crinkle-cut filler, or colorful tissue paper. You could add details like flower petals, sparkly confetti, colorful candies, or even more eco-friendly options like bamboo paper.

Valentine gift basket with make-up wrapped with a pink bow

3. Layering Gifts:

Presentation is an essential element to consider when creating your custom gift basket. For larger baskets, create visual interest by layering items. Place taller items towards the back and smaller items towards the front, allowing each item to be visible. 

4. Wrap Your Basket:

If you need to travel with your basket and are concerned that items might fall or get displaced, consider wrapping the basket in cellophane or shrink-wrap. You could also use Valentine’s Day-themed wrapping paper for your gift decoration. Wrapping your basket may not be necessary, depending on which container you use and how you want your Valentine Gift Basket to look.

5. Add Your Final Touches:

Finish your DIY gift basket with a personalized card, ribbons, or bows to add your final flourish to the gift. Consider finishing your basket with a customized flower bouquet to lay across the top or give alongside your gift for larger baskets. This romantic gesture will complete the look of your thoughtful gift.

Ideas for Gift Basket Themes

Now that you have all the elements to make your Valentine Gift Basket perfect, it’s time to answer the question of what to put in a gift basket! These ideas are not just romantic custom gifts for your significant other but are also fantastic for friends and family members who might need a little extra love this February. 

Themed gift baskets add a personalized touch to your Valentine's Day gifting. Here are some creative ideas for themed gift baskets that incorporate thoughtful handmade gifts, classic Valentine’s Day gifts, and gourmet sweets that will surely win your Valentine's heart.

Photo book of a couple with surfboards on their honeymoon

Honeymoon Basket

Remember your favorite moments from your honeymoon with a romantic honeymoon basket! Create a memory jar and fill it with thoughtful souvenirs from your honeymoon, such as event tickets, a handwritten note, small photos, or even sand from the beach. Add a custom honeymoon travel Photo Book with your favorite photographs from your trip, sweet treats you shared there, wine or champagne, and any other small items or souvenirs that will remind you of your time together. Don’t forget to add captions to your custom Photo Book, describing why each photograph is special to you.


Valentine Gift Basket with gourmet wine and food

Gourmet Winery Basket

Bring the experience of a gourmet winery to your Valentine’s front door with this Valentine Gift Basket idea. Start this basket by selecting a wooden wine crate or rustic wicker basket. Include a variety of wines, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay, and pair wine and cheese with options like creamy brie, gorgonzola, and bleu cheese. Add the best sweet champagne you can find in your area for a bubbly celebration. Alongside these wine and cheese pairings, include a custom Hardcover Photo Book with snapshots from your favorite wine-tasting adventures, romantic evenings, and travels.


Photo book with a picture of a woman by a pool at a spa

Gift Basket Spa Retreat

Relaxation doesn’t have to wait for a big spa day. Bring the retreat to your loved one with a bath and body care gift basket that has all the spa day essentials. Select bath salts, bubble baths, luxury bath soaps, favorite scented candles, a plush robe, and fluffy slippers to match. Top it off with a Hardcover Photo Book featuring their favorite moments from the past year! This basket is the best gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend who needs some TLC or any family member who deserves a little break after the holidays.


Valentine gift basket for avid readers

Book Lovers Customized Gift Basket

Cozy library vibes start here. Include must-have elements such as novels by their favorite author (or a collection of best-selling Valentine’s themed books), a comfy lap blanket, bookmarks, and a Hardcover Photo Book to add to their library that is filled with their favorite memories with you. This Valentine Gift Basket can be customized for nearly anyone in your life. For younger readers, include a book light and a journal to keep track of their reading log. If you are shopping for the perfect gift ideas for avid readers but aren’t sure which books to get, give them a gift card to Bookshop, which allows them to buy from their favorite local bookstore online.


Woman holding coffee enjoying a photo book with her baby

Coffee Lover Gift Basket

If you ask any coffee lover what their best gift for Valentine’s Day is going to be, gift baskets of coffee or a gift basket of tea will be right at the top. This basket is easy to accessorize, starting with gourmet coffee beans or artisanal coffee pods, adorable Valentine’s Day coffee mugs, a milk frother, and heart-shaped chocolate cookies. The show's star is a Softcover Photo Book that includes photos from all your favorite coffee shop moments, from first dates to a poetry reading. 


a custom wall calendar depicting ski pictures for December

Fitness Enthusiasts Gift Basket

Create a gift for gym lovers,  for your loved one that is always on the go! Meaningful Valentine's gifts resonate with personal interests; this basket is all about health and wellness. Include a fitness tracker bracelet, such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch, a collection of wholesome and delicious protein bars, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories your loved one might use. If they love yoga, consider a pair of Cork Yoga Blocks, or if they love lifting weights, grab a pair of weightlifting gloves. Top it off with a custom Wall Calendar with collages of their 5K runs, yoga poses in exotic places, or any other photos of them doing their favorite activities. This Fitness Basket stands out as the best gift for Valentine, offering a thoughtful blend of encouragement and commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle.


Valentine gift basket with Chocolates

Gourmet Chocolate Basket

Indulge in the sweetest expression of love with a Gourmet Chocolate Basket, an irresistible choice for those seeking the ultimate delectable treats. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, a gift basket of candy and gourmet sweets takes center stage. Create an opulent ensemble with an array of exquisite chocolates, truffles, and handcrafted confections. Elevate the experience with a selection of custom chocolates with a custom logo, or create customized packaging with M&Ms for a heartfelt and thoughtful gift. Make the moment extra sweet with a custom Hardcover Photo Book capturing all your favorite moments together.  


photo book of a woman with flowers in her garden

Gardening Lover’s Basket

For the green-thumbed romantic, a Plant Lovers Basket is an enchanting and meaningful Valentine's Day gift. At the heart of this botanical delight is a gardening kit with essentials like hand shears, gardening gloves, and adorable miniature gardening tools, ensuring a flourishing connection with nature. Include some adorable succulents to tide them over until spring. To add a personalized touch, consider a Photo Book showcasing the growth and blossoming of your garden or indoor plant collection. Create a customized flower bouquet and nestle it in the center of the basket. This thoughtful ensemble not only cultivates a deeper appreciation for nature but also serves as a living testament to the growing beauty of your love. The Gardening Lover's Basket is more than a mere gift; it's a gesture of growth, love, and the enduring beauty in every planted seed.


Valentine Gift Basket with tech gifts

Techie Gadgets and Gizmo Basket

Get ready to thrill your tech-savvy significant other with the ultimate Techie Gadgets and Gizmo Basket – the perfect Valentine gift basket for him. Start with wireless earbuds or Bluetooth speakers, and stylish smartphone accessories like a sleek case or pop socket for a personalized touch. Tuck in a USB charging hub to keep all his devices powered up seamlessly. Complement the basket with a custom Wall Calendar capturing your shared gadget-centric adventures. This Valentine's Day surprise is not just a gift; it's a celebration of your shared fascination for the future and a testament to the excitement that innovation brings to your relationship.


Photo book cover with a painting cocktails

DIY Crafters Basket

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the crafter in your life, look no further! Curate a collection of artistic supplies that cater to their love for hands-on creations. Let your “basket” be a fancy sewing box for the dedicated seamstress! Include elements like sewing shears, thread snips, rotary cutters, marking tools, and seam rippers. For the crafty painter, include art kits or a selection of premium art supplies, from vibrant paints and brushes to specialty paper and sketchbooks. Of course, a layflat photo book filled with memories from your joint crafting adventures adds a personal touch to the basket. This Valentine gift basket can be altered for every type of crafting, from quilting to crocheting to knitting to embroidery. 


Valentine gift basket with a camera and flowers

Ultimate Photographer’s Gift Basket

Capture the essence of your photographer's passion with the ultimate Photographer's Gift Box, curated to elevate their art and make every shot count. Begin by finding a few camera lenses that go with their favorite camera. Be sure to get the right brand and type of lens! Include a foldable tripod for those perfect shots, ensuring versatility in any setting. Lens wipes and cleaning tools are included for maintaining pristine clarity, while a lens pen offers on-the-go cleaning. Finally, create a beautiful Layflat Photo Book from their best photographs. Create this perfect gift for photographers and watch your shutterbug's delight as they unwrap each item.


We Hope You Love These Valentine's Gift Basket Ideas!

We hope that you’ve found inspiration with these gift basket ideas. In crafting the perfect Valentine's Day gift basket, you will curate a collection of thoughtful items and show how much you care. From personalized SimplePrints keepsakes to carefully chosen thematic elements, each item in the basket tells a story. Whether it's a cozy night in, an adventurous escape, or an artistic exploration, your Valentine gift basket becomes a tangible expression of your affection. 

So, this Valentine's Day, transcend the ordinary and celebrate your significant other with a gift that goes above and beyond. 

It’s Easy to Create Keepsakes in the SimplePrints App

Get started on your Valentine’s Gift Basket by downloading the free SimplePrints app! If you need any help creating any of our products, please check out our tutorials. You are one click away from a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift that will last for years to come.


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