How to Take Quality Photos and Choose the right ones to Print

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There is nothing quite like the feeling of hanging memories of your family on your wall. You want these images to be crisp, bright, and highlight your favorite family moments. That is why it can be so frustrating to understand how to take quality photos to print photos into memories & gifts. and discover that, once they are printed, they are blurry photos, dull photos, or too low-quality photos to be printed well.

How to take quality photos that translate better onto printed memories and how do you select the best photos? Let’s look at some of the most common issues with photo quality and how to avoid low-quality photos.

Blurry Photos


One of the most common issues with photos is when they turn out to be blurry photos, so when they are enlarged onto a custom photo book or custom metal prints that blurry look only gets worse. Blurry photos can still capture fun family moments, but how can you avoid blurry photos is by steadying your camera with a tripod or setting it on a solid surface, clean your camera lens with a soft cloth or alcohol-based cleaner, and locking focus on your subject before you snap the picture.

You may want to capture photos that involve a lot of movements, such as sports games or your children running through a pile of leaves in the fall. If you are comfortable changing the camera settings, you can try raising your shutter speed to take better action shots. Choose a nice bright area, such as outside, and raise your shutter speed to 1/1000 or above to get the sharpest photos and is one of the solutions to how to take quality photos.

Most phone cameras and traditional DSLR cameras will also have a continuous shooting mode, such as iPhone’s burst photos, which takes multiple pictures very quickly and increases your chances of getting a high-quality action shot. This will help you for a high quality photo book or custom canvas prints.

Grainy Photos


It’s not always possible to choose the best settings for taking a picture. Your toddler might decide to do something adorable on an evening walk or you might take a cute selfie with your partner over a dimly lit dinner table which you might add in your photo book for toddlers. These photos, while sweet, might end up grainy because of low light levels. It can also happen if you are taking photos during the day with a high ISO. If you notice that your photos are turning out grainy photos, even in great lighting, you should adjust your ISO.

What is an ISO? This is a setting that allows you to adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light. A higher ISO allows you to take photos in darker environments, while lower numbers are appropriate for brighter environments.


ISO settings during sunlight should be 200-400 ISO and even higher if you are indoors or the lighting is poor. It is very difficult to take photos at night and avoid grainy photos, but you can try to minimize it by increasing the exposure settings. Those beautiful photos you see of the night sky are usually taken with a very long shutter speed, allowing for more light over a longer period of time. You might try to get around the darkness by using your flash, but this can often lead to some distortion and red-eye issues. It’s a good idea to take photos with custom photo settings on phone as it helps in high quality photo gifts for your loved ones.

Dark Photos When Printed

Your photo might seem bright when looking at it on your phone screen yet looks darker when printed onto paper. If this is an issue, you can try using third-party photo editing apps or your phone’s editing settings. You can often adjust brightness in the phone, contrast, saturation, and more. In general, stick to adjusting the exposure in phone and color levels before you add photos to your SimplePrints books. Check out different SimplePrints Products and choose the ones that suit your purpose the best!

Selecting The Best Photos for Print

After you have taken your photos, it is time to organize photos on phone and print photos online. You may need to look through a lot of photos to find the perfect ones for your print project, so we are sharing some tips to organize photos on phone and choose the best photos. Here is how to take quality photos and further create high quality pho

Select a Theme

After you have taken your photos, it is time toorganize photos on phone and print photos online. You may need to look through a lot of photos to find the perfect ones for your print project, so we are sharing some tips to organize photos on phone and choose the best photos. Here is how to take quality photos and further create high quality photos.

Organize Your Photos

Most people have thousands of photos to choose from, so you need to narrow down the list of potential photos for your SimplePrints project. You can create an album on phone or organize photos on phone with folders on Dropbox. Add only the relevant photos that are both high quality photos and special to you.

Skip any photos with quality issues, such as blurry photos or grainy photos, that we discussed above. You will also want to check for any repetitive photos or images that are framed poorly, such as those that have part of someone’s face cut out of the photo.

While you can’t print thousands of photos in one custom photo book, don’t stress too much about paring down your selections as long as you stick with your theme for photo book. SimplePrints offers ample space for your photos, with Mini Photo Books holding between 20 and 98 pages of photos and photo books holding up to 300. This means you will have plenty of room for your pictures and is one idea for How to take quality photos

Editing Your Photos

Use the editing feature in phone or third-party apps to adjust your photos. You might select a favorite filter or edit manually to make sure each photo is bright, cropped appropriately, and features your favorite faces and places. SimplePrints also offers photo filters to boost colors or keep a personal aesthetic to make your theme more cohesive. SimplePrints offers 11 filters to use on photo books, mini photo books, canvas prints, and metal prints.

Add Your Photos to SimplePrints

SimplePrints makes it easy by connecting to your phone gallery, Dropbox, Google Photos, and more. After you have selected your favorite, high-quality photos and placed them into a folder, you can import them easily into the SimplePrints App.

Enjoy Quality Photo Prints

It can seem overwhelming when you first start looking at your photos but organizing your photos on phone can be easy when you follow these simple steps. You can learn to take How to take quality photos and choose the best ones for your photo projects. We cannot wait to help you create high-quality photo prints on SimplePrints App for any of your keepsakes, such as your wedding photo books or Baby Photo books.

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