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Unique Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Photoshoot Ideas for couples to capture romance in style. Creative ideas to take your photoshoot to next level.

If you are looking for fun photoshoot ideas for couples, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we are going to share tips for finding the best locations, props, style, and fun poses for couples. Whether you are looking for tips for taking surprise engagement photos or celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, we can help you commemorate those special moments. Let’s get started!

What to Wear for Couples Photos for Each Season

One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of a photoshoot is what you wear! You don’t have to match your special person perfectly and wear the same colors, but you do want to try to coordinate colors. Avoid combining dark blues with black or bright pink and Christmas tree green. If you aren’t sure where to start, we will break down some great color combinations according to season along with unique photoshoot ideas.

Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Couple Photoshoot Ideas for fall, lean into burnt oranges, browns, mustard yellow, and creams.

If you are taking photos in the fall, lean into burnt oranges, browns, mustard yellow, and creams. Some romantic poses for couples hoping to capture the magic of fall might include:

  • Sit on the tailgate of a vintage truck and wrap a blanket around your shoulders.

  • Make a pile of leaves and toss them into the air and capture a silly, giggling moment.

  • Take a walk through nature and take photos holding hands. Bonus points if one of you can balance on a log while the other looks up.

  • Capture your creativity with a Halloween couple photoshoot. Put some extra effort into your costumes and take advantage of the opportunity to be wild!

Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Couples, Make memories in chilly weather and preserve forever!

Winter usually comes with chilly weather, snow, and love in the air. Plan to wear soft blue tones, whites, blacks, navy, and red. A dramatic pop of color in the form of a red jacket or forest green looks great against the naturally subdued colors of winter. Just don’t use so many colors that it becomes overwhelming.

Consider these cute photo poses for couples for your next winter photoshoot:

  • If it is snowing, head outside with a few mugs of hot cocoa and share a sweet, chocolatey moment. You might sit on outdoor furniture or simply interlock your arms while you look over the beautiful scenery.

  • We love Christmas poses for couples! If you can cut down your own Christmas tree, that is also a great opportunity for a photoshoot. Decorate your Christmas tree together or take a walk through twinkling Christmas lights.

  • Bring your pets along! Nothing is cuter than your pup wearing a festive hat or snuggling up by the campfire with you. Pets are a wonderful addition to any photoshoot and you will treasure the pictures for years to come.

  • Consider valentine photoshoot ideas for couples. Valentines is at the tail end of winter, but it can be a fantastic opportunity to take pictures together. Use paper heart confetti (that is biodegradable!) and toss it into the air before you share a romantic kiss for a fun action shot.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Spring Photoshoot Ideas for Couples by SimplePrints. Celebrate with soft pastel colors, creams and whites, and neutral beiges!

Springtime is bursting with new life and fresh blooms. We love soft pastel colors, creams and whites, and neutral beiges for spring photoshoots.

Capture intimate and charming photos with these ideas:

  • Take a day trip to your local flower farm. Whether it’s a field of tulips, lavender, or a variety of cutting flowers, these farms provide stunning backdrops for your photos. Take pictures holding a beautiful bouquet, wearing a flower crown, or walking through an intricately paved path through the flowers.

  • Visit a local pond or park. We love to see a willow tree in full bloom or a row of forsythia showing off their yellow display. Capture these stunning, fleeting nature moments in the backdrop of your photos. Timing is everything to get the best blooms!

  • Easter isn’t just for kids! Take photos in your coordinating Easter outfits, whether it’s at church or with subtle nods to our favorite bunny.

  • Set up a picnic, complete with a basket, a blanket, and your favorite bottle of wine, and capture a classic photo moment.

Summer Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Summer Photoshoot Ideas for Couples, Capture photos on beach with SimplePrints unique photoshoot ideas for couples.

Summer is the time for bold colors, plunging necklines, and sun-kissed skin. Bring out your striped shirts, khaki shorts, and flowing color-pop dresses for dramatic pictures.

Here are our favorite unique photoshoot ideas for summer:

  • We couldn’t mention summer without talking about beach photoshoot ideas for couples. Running on the beach, chasing the waves, or holding each other close on a rock overlooking the sea are all fantastic photo opportunities. Let the salty sea air have its way with your hair and take photos jumping into your man’s arms.

  • Most weddings happen when the summer weather is in full force. If you were married in the summer, have a couple anniversary photoshoot and capture the spirit of your wedding day. Include simple nods to your special day, such as incorporating your wedding colors into the photos or revisiting the location where you said: “I do.”

  • If you are hitting the open seas on a cruise or taking a special vacation, it can be worth it to get professional photos while on your big trip! Find photographers through social media or through local companies to capture the vacation fun.

Photography Poses for Older Couples

Photo Poses for Older Couples by SimplePrints, Pose for every celebration. Include grand children in the photos and make it more fun.

If you are celebrating a big anniversary or just want to rekindle that fire, a romantic photoshoot is a great opportunity to do just that.

  • Focus on your hands. We love a sweet photo of an older couple holding hands, wearing the same wedding rings that they have for decades. This classic shot will be treasured by your family for years.

  • Bring the grandkids into the mix! There’s nothing sweeter than holding your grand babies and sharing in their joy. Whether they are sitting on your lap or you are watching them play together, kids will liven up any photoshoot.

  • Recreate a photo from your younger years. Maybe it’s a wedding photo or wearing your service uniform. These photos can be a wonderful way to honor that time that has passed and the beauty in it.

  • Get silly. We’ve all seen the photos of stern faces looking down at the lens, but why is that? Older couples can show their joy by embracing the trends of the younger generations. Wear a flower crown, lay on a blanket, and look up at the camera, or giggle as a bubble machine adds a youthful flair to your portraits.

Engagement Couple Photoshoot

Couple engagement photo ideas by SimplePrints. Capture the most special memories in most unique ways

Are you planning to surprise your special person with a proposal? This is a romantic idea for couples that have already had important discussions about their wedding plans. If you already know she is going to say yes, but she isn’t sure when you will ask, a surprise proposal is a romantic gesture that will sweep her off her feet.

  • Enlist your family and friends for help. Maybe you will take a hike and at the top of the summit is her whole family, holding signs that spell out “Will you marry me?” or a casual Friday night date is suddenly photobombed by their favorite people. These family surprise moments can be tearful and fun, especially if you haven’t seen your family recently.

  • Plan a trip to a dream location. Maybe your other half has always wanted to see the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. When you arrive in the perfect, stunning location, surprise them with a heartfelt proposal.

  • Hide the ring! Whether you choose to hide the ring inside of a cupcake, a fortune cookie, or in the centerpiece of a romantic candlelit dinner, hiding the ring can be a fun way to propose. Make sure your photographer is ready to capture the moment she sees the ring!

Photoshoot Ideas for Wedding

SimplePrints Wedding photo pose ideas, Capture one of the most magical days of your life in a unique & creative way.

Some of the most common couple photoshoot ideas are to take pictures on your wedding day. But just because everyone does them, that doesn’t mean they won’t be special to you. Here are our favorite photo poses for wedding photoshoots!

  • Looking over the shoulder. This pose has one-half of the couple facing away from the camera, while the other embraces them and looks over their shoulder. This might be a way to capture the moment that you signed your marriage certificate or a pose where the groom kisses the bride’s cheek tenderly and you get to show off the back of the wedding gown.

  • The first look. Capture the moment that your spouse-to-be sees the big reveal of your dress. Whether this is walking down the aisle, or in a private moment between the two of you, taking a picture of the emotions that come with seeing your bride for the first time always makes for a stunning photograph.

  • The first dance. Treasure the Cinderella moment where you dance in unison to your favorite song with a beautiful photograph.

  • The “I do.” Don’t forget to capture your first kiss after you say your vows! This photo is an emotional and romantic moment that will bring back the moment every time you see it.

Maternity Poses for Couples

Maternity photo poses ideas by SimplePrints, Capture the beauty, the uncertainty, and the array of emotions that come with preparing for your baby.

One of the most special moments that a couple can share is preparing for the birth of their child together. These photoshoot ideas for maternity couples will capture the beauty, the uncertainty, and the array of emotions that come with preparing for your baby.

  • Holding your belly. Placing one hand on top and one hand below your belly will help highlight the shape of your belly, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in. Your partner can also help with this, by stepping in behind you for an embrace.

  • Laying down can also accentuate your bump in a fun way. Lay flat on your back and have the photographer take the photo while leveling with you. You might even place blocks on top of your belly that spell out the baby’s name or a pair of shoes that you’ve picked out for your little one. Have your spouse lay on the stomach and kiss your bump or sit criss-cross behind your bump while you two look at each other.

  • A silhouette photo is a beautiful way to capture the outline of your body and the changes it is going through. Create a silhouette by placing a bright light behind you and the photographer in front of you. Since the silhouette is all about your pose and less about your facial expression, simply focus on how your body is positioned. Your spouse can be part of a silhouette by kneeling and kissing your belly or by holding out your hands to create the shape of a heart together.

  • Have your spouse hold the ultrasound photos while you hold your bump! These photos can include full body shots or zoom in on the belly and the pictures.

We hope that these fun photoshoot ideas for couples have inspired you to get out there and create memorable moments.

Save Your Favorite Snapshots with SimplePrints

Preserve memories from all occasions & celebrations with Custom photo books by SimplePrints in easy steps. Create photo gifts on phone and get them delivered at your doorstep

No matter what photoshoot you do with your partner, we know that you will want to find a way to display the photos to enjoy.

For portrait photos and your favorite poses, we suggest using a canvas print that you can hang in your favorite spot in the home.

For photographs with a lot of landscape, such as a proposal at the Grand Canyon, create a metal print online with simplePrints app to capture all of the colors and details in a stunning display.

To keep all your photoshoot favorites in one spot, create a custom photo book that you can cherish for years to come.

SimplePrints makes creating all of these products, and more, easy with the SimplePrints app. Download the app for iOS and Android and easily create stunning photo products to hold, share, and cherish.


Guest Blogger: Cameya Martin

Cameya Martin is a mother, a wife, a self-identified horse-girl, and a writer. She writes articles for small businesses, memoirs for people, and fiction for herself.


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