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SimplePrints Summer Sale: Amazing Tips and Deals on Photo Prints!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

A mix of photo books and a canvas print showing an array of family vacation photos at a beach with a dad and his son

The SimplePrints Summer Sale is finally here! Our biggest sale of the year has been much anticipated, and we're coming in hot with fantastic ideas to help you stock up on all your photo essentials. Catch up on photo books from the last few years, or use our sale as a good reason to finally order the canvas prints on sale you've been dreaming about.

Get Incredible Deals on Photo Prints During Our Summer Sale!

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Wall Prints

SimplePrints takes creating stunning wall prints seriously. These pieces help you personalize your home and define your style. You can customize canvas prints and metal prints to put the finishing touches on any room in your home.

A living room with three custom metal art prints of different sizes on the wall with a cozy couch, dog and plant underneath

10 Ways to Use Wall Prints in Your Home:

  • Nature photos, such as landscapes, seascapes, or close-ups of flowers or animals.

  • Abstract photos, such as cityscapes, street art, or interesting angles of your home or yard.

  • Seasonal family portraits, such as Christmas photoshoots or summer photoshoots.

  • Travel photos, such as shots of your favorite vacation spots.

  • Photos of your hobbies or interests, such as your band's live show or homemade Renaissance costumes.

  • Funny or sentimental photos that capture a special moment in your life. (We love close-ups of giggles!)

  • Personality snapshots capture special moments and expressions, like your baby meeting your beloved pets for the first time or your toddler's acrobatics in the living room.

  • Close-up newborn photography, such as a collage with four wall prints featuring baby with mom, baby with dad, baby's toes, and baby's hands.

  • Four seasons collage with one custom wall print from each season. This idea is a fun way to capture your whole family each season, such as jumping into leaves in the fall, making a snowman in winter, planting flowers in the spring, and having a fun vacation in the summer.

  • Milestones collage with a unique photo print for each occasion, such as graduating college together, your engagement, your wedding, your first home, and your first child.

When choosing photos for canvas prints, it's essential to consider the size and shape of the canvas you like and the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Consider thinking about the room you plan to display the print, such as in a living room, bedroom, or office.

No matter your choice, a canvas print is a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor. Don't miss out on these fantastic deals on photo prints during our summer sale! Customize your home today with these two great options:

a women holding a canvas print of her and her family sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a lake
  • They are made with 100% polyester canvas stretched across a thick pine wood frame.

  • Available in size 24" x36"

  • Available in portrait and landscape.

  • Hanging hardware included.

Our canvas prints come in multiple sizes and can be customized to fit landscape or portrait photos. Our matte canvas prints are perfect for showcasing those delicate newborn photos in your baby's nursery or displaying a tender moment from your wedding photoshoot in your office. You can find simple Canvas Prints Reviews on our website to help you decide if this is the right wall art for you.

a metal print on the wall with a family in their Sunday finest with a woodsy background
  • Made of aluminum.

  • Available in sizes 5" x7", 12" x18", 16" x20", and 20" x30".

  • Available in portrait and landscape.

  • 100% recyclable.

  • Hanging hardware included.

  • Moisture, stain, scratch, chemical, fade, and flame resistant.

SimplePrints takes a unique approach to custom metal prints to create a truly sleek, modern piece of home decor. You can also order metal prints in multiple sizes, landscape or portrait, and you get the versatility of hanging the prints indoors and outdoors! Transform any space in your home with ease when you create custom metal wall art with SimplePrints.


Photo Books

three photobooks spread out on the the table with a couple holding hands on the front cover next to a bowl of seashells

Our Summer Sale is offering our absolute best price for photo books. We offer four unique styles of photo books because we don't just want you to buy a photo book - we want you to create one you will love for years to come! Whether you decide to order a Softcover, Hardcover, Layflat, or Mini photobook, we want you to create a photo book that your whole family can enjoy. Find minimalist styles, effortless collages, and more when you make a Simple Prints Photo Book.

10 Fantastic Photo Book Ideas:

  • Gift of Friendship: Create a photo book for your best friend to share your favorite moments.

  • Silly Moments: Commemorate those silly moments with your kids (or pets) with a photo book, especially for them.

  • Family Yearbooks: Your family continues to change and grow yearly, so keep track of all that progress with a family yearbook!

  • Travel Photo Books: Your annual vacation shouldn't just be a footnote in your photo app! Put it front and center with a photo book that you can cherish.

  • Coffee Table Photo Books: Customize your coffee table photo book to perfectly match your style and interests when you create it yourself.

  • Newborn Photo Books: Your little one has finally arrived! Share those unforgettable moments and baby firsts in a newborn photo book.

  • Wedding Albums: Make your special day into a beautiful photo book that you can revisit time and time again.

  • Anniversary Albums: Take the time to appreciate all that you've been able to create together with a stunning anniversary album to share with your spouse.

  • Graduation Photo Books: Whether you are celebrating a Kindergarten grad or a College grad, show how much you care with a graduation photo gift.

  • Career Photo Books: Are you proud of your spouse (or yourself!) for your career accomplishments? Collect all your photos from your internship days to now and take a moment to appreciate your path to success.

A collection of photo books stacked on a decorated book shelf  with titles of different trips in different cities, engagement photos, and my portfolio on the spines of the books

Different Types of SimplePrints Photo Books

Someone holding s SimplePrints soft cover photo book with a boy holding his dog on the cover with the title best friends forever
  • Available in 8" x8".

  • Flexible cover.

  • Start at 20 pages, and customize up to 300 pages!

Softcover Photo Books are hard to say "no" to. They are our most economical photo books and offer a flexible cover for easy viewing. Turn any event into a softcover photo book! These simple photo books are great for any occasion you want to remember, taking advantage of excellent photo book deals.

Someone holding a SimplePrints hardcover photo book with a women's face peaking out of flowers.
  • Available in 8" x8" or 12" x12".

  • Hard-bound cover.

  • Customizable spine text.

  • Start at 20 pages, and customize up to 300 pages!

Hardcover Photo Books are the absolute best! The customizable spine makes them perfect for stacking on a shelf or coffee table, making them the perfect decor piece while keeping your memories safe at the same time. The minimal design makes it easy to add a new photo book year after year. There's no better time to start your stack than during our summer sale photo book deals!

a picture of someone fanning three identical SimplePrints mini photo books up to the ski with the title Hawaii and a picture of palm trees and surf boards on the covers
  • Available in 3.5" x 3.5" size.

  • Comes in sets of 3 identical photo books.

  • Up to 98 pages.

  • Soft cover with vibrant paper.

  • Collage options for each page.

One to keep and two to share! That's our motto when it comes to mini photobooks. These adorable photo books come in an identical set of three, making them perfect for giving to your besties, grandparents, schoolmates, work colleagues, and more. Create unforgettable party favors or souvenirs from your last trip that are sure to impress.

  • Available in 8" x8" or 12" x12".

  • Gutter-less viewing.

  • Hardcover only.

  • Minimum 20 pages, maximum 102 pages.

  • Lustre finish — a hybrid of glossy and matte prints.

Many people think of our Layflat Photo Books when they think of "Simple Prints Photo Book." These books are effortless to customize and view with their seamless, durable pages. These books are to display life's most significant moments, such as wedding albums, newborn photo books, and graduation photo books.

Please note: Layflat Photo Books and regular Photo Books are different products. Due to layout and feature differences, Layflat Photo Books cannot be changed into regular Photo Books.

Don't forget that when you order during our Summer Sale, you can get amazing deals on photo prints! Our 30% discount applies to your entire order, so you can mix and match wall prints, photo books, and wall calendars to take advantage of our best sale of the year.


Wall Calendars

Our newest product at SimplePrints is our wall calendars! We are so excited to be able to include them in our summer sale. Our wall calendars are entirely customizable! You don't have to worry about missing out on any months of the year since you choose which month you start with. You can give a wall calendar as a gift to anyone who would appreciate a beautiful and functional piece of decor for their home or office.

A wall calendar with the month on June 2023 displayed and a picture of a dog peaking out from under a rainbow flag for the month
  • Available in 8.5" x 11".

  • Lustre finish paper - a hybrid of glossy and matte prints.

  • White spiral-wire binding.

  • Collages with up to 9 photos.

  • Customizable fonts.

  • Colored borders or borderless layouts.

  • US holidays can be included if desired.

  • Choose the starting month!

a hand holding a calendar up with a couple in a quaint street — the women is holding a pretzel and the man is taking a selfie as he kisses her on the cheek

Three Wall Calendar Ideas:

  • Office Calendar: Bring your family with you wherever work takes you and create a beautiful, custom wall calendar to hang in your office.

  • Grandparent's Calendar: We know Grandma loves to show off her grandbabies! Give her new opportunities each month with a calendar full of her favorite photos.

  • Graduation Gift Box: Wall calendars are the perfect gift for a new grad that needs a place to write down all their upcoming classes and events.


Order During Our Summer Sale and Save 30%!

We hope you've been inspired to take advantage of our summer sale! Use the sale code below to save 30% off your entire SimplePrints order.

Our Best Deals on Photo Prints are Happening Now!

Use code:


to save 30% off your order.

Expires August 1st at 11:59 PM EST.


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