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Valentine’s Day Personalized Gifts

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

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Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That’s why we’ve created our Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide to inspire you with Valentine’s Day personalized gift ideas for all your loved ones. One of the main reasons Valentine’s Day is celebrated is to show the special people in your life that you are thinking about them and that you treasure your time together. While your Valentine’s Day list might be smaller than other holidays, those you are buying gifts for are just as important.

Valentine’s Day Surprises for Her

mom and child looking at a SimplePrints photo book

There are a few simple elements that make Valentine’s Day special. You have probably considered red roses and chocolates, two classic parts of any Valentine’s Day gift, but with a little extra time, you can level up your gift giving game. These Valentine’s Day personalized gifts are fun and easy to customize.

  • Custom Chocolates: Make your Valentine’s Day gifts extra special with custom chocolate gifts. You can create luxurious engraved chocolate with Totally Chocolate or create ultra-personalized chocolate wrapping with Compartes. These custom chocolates make for lovely Valentine’s Day surprises for her and him.

  • Custom Photo Books: Nothing is more special than the memories you share together. That’s why a photo book is one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. You can gather all your favorite snapshots and couple photos in a 12x12 hardcover that your significant other will be proud to display on a shelf, coffee table, or in their office. This romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend is sure to be a hit.

  • Order Flowers Online: Every woman dreams of receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day. If you have limited options for florists in your town or you know your significant other has very specific tastes, consider ordering flowers online. You can create stunning custom bouquets with Bouqs for your romantic partner, your mother, aunts, sisters, and more. These delicate floral displays will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

  • Custom Home Decor: Imagine this for a Valentine’s Day surprise - your loved one walks into your living room and sees a stunning canvas print hanging in your living room for all to enjoy. You can create custom canvas prints of all your favorite photos with the click of a button on the SimplePrints app!

  • Enchanting Galaxy Rose: For the Disney-lover in your life, this magical LED light case is a beautiful addition to any home and makes for a lovely gift. This galaxy rose will keep on sparkling!

Tip: Did you meet your significant other on a dating app such as Bumble or Tinder? Include a screenshot of those first messages to each other in your romantic photo book and surprise your loved one with the messages that started it all.

Romantic Gifts for Guys

Baby looking at a SimplePrints wall print

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the special man in your life? Here are our favorite romantic gifts for guys! Show how much you care with one of these personalized gifts, tailored perfectly to his interests.

  • Metal Prints: Display your favorite adventure together with this stylish, modern wall print. Customize your metal print with your favorite high-quality photograph and select the perfect size for your Valentine’s Day gift for him.

  • Framed Sheet Music: This sentimental custom home decor will warm your husband’s heart and make Valentine’s Day extra special. Frame the sheet music from your “First Dance” song from your wedding and give it to him to hang in his office or your home. Everytime he sees this reminder, he will remember the moment you chose each other forever.

  • Valentine’s Day Origami: Have a knack for crafts? Wake up your significant other on Valentine’s Day and surprise them with a special folded origami on their pillow. There are so many fun Valentine’s Day origami tutorials that you can follow and all of them will add a special touch to your celebration.

  • Custom Photo Book: One of our favorite romantic gifts for guys is a custom photo book with all your favorite photos. Whether you want to use casual photographs or professional photos from special occasions, you can create a photo book that fits your style. This is an easy Valentine’s Day personalized gift because you get to choose every detail - right down to the paper!

  • Pokemon-Themed Trinket: This adorable vial is a fun and cute way to show your love for your Pokemon-loving guy!

Valentine’s Day Personalized Gifts for Family and Friends

SimplePrints mini photo book set titled "this is us"

Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t just for significant others! You can spread the love with gifts for all of the important friends and family in your life. Here are some sentimental, fun gifts for family and friends.

  • Mini Photo Books: This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your best friends. Gather up your favorite memories with your besties and create a mini photo book to share. Mini books come in sets of 3 and are the right size to carry in your bag. This heartwarming gift is sure to be a favorite among your friends.

  • Button Heart: This DIY Valentine’s Day decor is a fun activity to bring the family together. It is oh-so-easy and these button hearts make the perfect gifts for teachers or grandparents.

  • Heart-Themed Breakfast Celebration: Get the kids involved in making an adorable Valentine’s Day breakfast. Make mini heart-shaped waffles, cut strawberries and kiwis into hearts, and smother it all in syrup. Your kids will head off to school feeling loved! You can also create a romantic breakfast for your significant other and surprise them with breakfast in bed.

  • Friendship Rocks: Paint fingerprint heart rocks with your kids on Valentine’s Day for a unique gift for friends. You can even cover these painted friendship rocks with a protective coating to make them into garden accents. While these rocks are fun to share with friends, we don’t suggest sending them to school with your kids (just in case!).

  • Valentine’s Day Books: Are you looking for the perfect gift for your niece or nephew that isn’t candy? Consider giving a Valentine’s Day kid book! “Little Blue Truck’s Valentine” is a great choice for toddlers, while early readers might enjoy the “Valentine’s Day Jitters”!

  • Valentine’s Day Story Photo Book: For a more personal touch, consider creating your own Valentine’s Day photo book for the special people in your life. Maybe you can write your own story and feature photographs of places, people, or pets that are important to your kids, friends, or family members. We love to use softcover photo books for these projects because the flexible front cover makes it easy to enjoy these stories again and again!

Make Something Magical with SimplePrints

Couple looking at a SimplePrints Hardcover photo book

You can download the free SimplePrints app and get started on your Valentine’s Day project today. Simply start a new project, upload your photos, and make any adjustments to the order and captions that you want! In just a few minutes, you can create a beautiful photo book for that special person.


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