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SimplePrints Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 4/8/21

The SimplePrints Referral Program ("The Program") allows registered SimplePrints users (a "SimplePrints User") to earn promotional coupon credits ("Credits") toward future purchases by referring new purchasing members (“Referred Customer”) to SimplePrints.


In order receive Credits for a referral, the following conditions must be met:


  • The referring SimplePrints User must be a valid user in good standing with an active account on SimplePrints.

  • The referring SimplePrints User must use the unique referral link generated for them in the SimplePrints app. The unique referral link may be generated in the SimplePrints app through the following methods:

    • iOS: Tap on the Account tab > Tap “Give $10, Get $10” under “Refer a Friend” > Tap “Share Your Link” button > Select sharing options

    • Android: Open Menu in upper left corner > Tap “Refer Friends” > Tap “Share Referral Link” > Select sharing options

  • A qualified Referred Customer is defined as a new SimplePrints member who has never registered an account or made a purchase with SimplePrints in the past and who downloads and registers with SimplePrints exclusively through the provided unique referral link.

  • The Referred Customer must make a purchase in order for Credits to be awarded to the Referring SimplePrints User. The Referred Customer will receive Credits to their account immediately after a qualifying registration.


Credits will not be awarded if the referred member has previously registered or purchased from SimplePrints or if the SimplePrints app is downloaded directly from the Apple AppStore or Google Play rather than the provided unique referral link. No exceptions shall be made in cases where the unique referral link has not been used for download, installation, and registration with the SimplePrints app.

Credits may only be applied as payment towards eligible items purchased through the SimplePrints app. Credits are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, except where required by law.


SimplePrints Users agree not to spam or publish their unique referral link for the purpose of mass referrals. By participating in The Program, you agree to only share your unique referral link with individuals you personally know. SimplePrints Users are prohibited from creating duplicate accounts for the purpose of abusing The Program. Abuse of The Program may result in closure of closure of the SimplePrints User’s account and forfeiture of any earned Credits.

SimplePrints reserves the right to alter these Terms or end The Program at any time, with or without prior notice, at their sole discretion. Any unused Credit at time of Program termination would be forfeited at that time. 

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