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Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to show your romantic partner, family, and friends how much you care. Whether you hope to find romantic Valentine’s gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or any other important woman in your life, we’ve gathered our favorite romantic gifts for her on Valentine’s Day. Share these creative custom gift ideas with your friends and family!

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We’ve gathered our favorite romantic gifts for her on Valentine’s Day. Share these creative custom gift ideas with your friends and family!

Collage Canvas Prints


Did you know that you can create a collage with SimplePrints Canvas Prints? To start making a collage online, select a photo from your first trip together, your engagement, your wedding, and any other milestones that mean a lot to her, and create a romantic surprise for her. This custom home decorating hack will be an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift.


Team Pick: Create a 16” x 24” Canvas Print with plenty of room to include all your favorite photographs.


Milestone Photography Photo Book

Create a stunning visual effect with our layflat photo book, personalized with all the milestone moments that you have shared with your wife throughout the years. This romantic gift for her is sure to impress. From your first dates to moving in together, engagement, and marriage, you can tell the story of your life together and give her a romantic Valentine’s day surprise!


Team Pick: We love our 12” x 12” layflat photo books for a panoramic viewing experience.

Gifts for the Special Women in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to find cute, thoughtful gifts for her - whether you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, or mother! It’s also an opportunity to appreciate the women that raised you and helped you become who you are today. Plus, if they are babysitting for you, on Valentine’s Day, you can show your appreciation with these romantic ideas for her on Valentine’s Day.

Grandkids Gallery Wall

Every mother or grandmother would love to have gallery wall art at home, filled with stunning custom canvas prints of her grandbabies! Select one special photo for each child and choose a variety of sizes to create a lovely effect. This custom home decorating idea is sure to be a hit with any grandma.


Team Pick: Choose between a variety of canvas print sizes and experiment with alternating landscape and portrait styles for a beautiful gallery wall.

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Family recipe photo book

Surprise your mom or grandmother by making a special family recipe book with all the recipes that have been passed down through the generations. You can customize a hardcover photo book to share all the time-honored traditions with SimplePrints and share family memories. Follow this guide to create a family recipe book for Valentine’s Day.

Team Pick: Our 12” x 12” hardcover photo books are a great option for this gift.

Valentine’s Day Family Photo Shoot

Take photos of your little ones in themed outfits and backdrops for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot and create a set of mini photo books - one for each of the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. You can even plan a photo shoot for the whole family and let each child keep their very own travel-size photo book. When it comes to romantic ideas for her on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t get sweeter than this. 


Team Pick: Our mini photo books are available in sets of 3 books that are each 3.5” x 3.5”, so you can create one for all the special people in your life.


Valentine’s Day Family Photo Shoot

This list compiles our favorite romantic ideas for her on Valentine’s Day but only you know exactly how to warm her heart. Download the SimplePrints app and start creating personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day. With SimplePrints, you can create stunning photo books and wall art at the touch of a button! Capture the memories from your romantic photoshoot for your engagement or your Valentine’s day surprise trip to an exotic place and give her a gift she’ll never forget.

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