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  In our latest blog post, "10 Unique Travel Scrapbook Ideas," we're excited to unveil a world of creative possibilities for the modern globetrotter. Whether you're an avid wanderlust journal enthusiast or simply seeking fresh inspiration for your travel scrapbook, this post is a treasure trove of innovative travel scrapbook ideas. From capturing your favorite travel quotes with friends to documenting your misadventures in cooking local foods, we've curated a diverse range of ideas to fuel your wanderlust.

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Download the SimplePrints App to Get Started

The first step in creating your custom travel scrapbook is downloading the SimplePrints app.

Downloading the app is quick and easy! It’s free for iOS and Android and designed for ease of use. The minimalist design allows you to focus on your photos and not have to navigate around a cluttered interface or annoying advertisements. 


Creating a travel scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve your travel memories and share your adventures with others. Here are 10 unique travel scrapbook ideas to help you get started:

Vacation Photo Book

Create a scrapbook dedicated to a specific destination, such as "My Paris Adventure" or "Exploring Thailand.” Do some research on the destination and include plenty of travel captions. Write down common terms that you learned in a new language, your own rating on popular tourist destinations, and photos from your trip. If you are traveling with kids, you can even make it educational and include details like the state bird, the population data, or historical details. You could even include a photo of your itinerary at the beginning of the photo book!

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Travel Bucket List Scrapbook

If you are lucky enough to have crossed off all the destinations on your travel bucket list, your adventures are surely worthy of a Travel Photo Album! Design a scrapbook that showcases every location from your perspective, with photos and details about each one. Take photos of your ticket stubs from each of your flights and train rides and include them. Make sure to include photos of the local flora and fauna, architecture, art, and food!

Spark your wanderlust every month and create a custom wall calendar featuring all the photos from your travels. You could also create a new photo book with bucket list ideas that you’ve curated from photos online!

 Foodie's Travel Guide

Creating your own culinary travel scrapbook to share with friends and family. This is a delightful way to relive your gastronomic adventures! Create a food guide using your "dream food bucket list" of renowned chefs and notable culinary experiences. Make use of the captions and include details like names of the restaurants, signature dishes, the flavors and textures that you experienced, and any other vivid details. Whether you visit cozy local eateries or Michelin-starred restaurants,  don't forget to add personal anecdotes and travel food recommendations. This scrapbook not only becomes a cherished memento but also a source of inspiration for your loved ones, igniting their wanderlust and culinary curiosity as they vicariously join you on your flavorful journey around the world.

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Road Trip Adventure Scrapbook

We all love a good road trip! Document your time out on the open road with a Travel Photo Album dedicated to your travel adventures. Include maps of your routes, photos of roadside attractions, interesting (or unexpected) events, and notes about the people you've met.

 Nature Enthusiast Photo Book

Create a scrapbook dedicated to your encounters with nature during wildlife tours.Include photos of animals, plants, and scenic landscapes. This scrapbook can include photos from one trip or from many different locations!

Can’t think of anything to add in the captions? Look for inspirational travel quotes that speak to your heart and add them in! Instead of saying, “yet another photo from the hotel…” you can easily use the best captions for travel photos and capture the ambiance of your nature photographs.  

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Our Favorite Travel Photo Albums

  • 12 x 12 Hardcover Photo Books: Capture the magic of your big adventures with our classic 12x12 Hardcover Photo Book. Also available in an 8x8 Softcover or an 8x8 Hardcover.

  • 12 x 12 Layflat Photo Books: Finally, a custom photo book that is worthy of the photographs that it holds. Our hardcover layflat design makes this the perfect choice for landscape photography. Also available in 8x8 size.

  • 3.5 x 3.5 Mini Photo Books: Craft unforgettable souvenirs from your trips to give to friends and family. These adorable pocket-sized photo books are the perfect choice to share your latest adventures.


Cultural Immersion Scrapbook

Creating a Cultural Immersion Scrapbook is a wonderful way to celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions and experiences encountered during your travels. Document local festivals and parades and include the meanings behind them in the captions. Incorporate photos of traditional clothing, food, and architecture into your travel scrapbook. If you listen to music, try to translate the captivating experience to the page with song lyrics in the captions and photos of the instruments and the environment. By curating these elements into your Cultural Immersion Scrapbook, you create a meaningful narrative that not only preserves your memories but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the locations you have visited.

Family Travel Memories Scrapbook

If you travel with your family, make a scrapbook that captures the shared moments. Begin by collecting a treasure trove of photographs from your travels together. Whether they are photos from family vacations, touristy photo booth snapshots, or even photos from an old-school disposable camera, you can include them in your family vacation scrapbook.

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Adventure Enthusiast Scrapbook

Showcase your adventurous side by documenting your experiences in adventure sports like hiking, scuba diving, or zip-lining. Include action shots and stories of your adrenaline-pumping moments. 

If viewing sports is more your style, create a Sports Picture Book! Include photos of your whole family cheering your team on! Include photos of ticket stubs to big games, autographs from professional sports players, and big moments like taking your son to his first baseball game.

Travel Sketchbook

If you enjoy sketching, create a travel sketchbook with your drawings of landscapes, architecture, and people you encounter during your trips. 

Scanning your sketchbook into the computer and saving them in a Dropbox or on Google Drive is one easy way to digitize them. You can also take photos of your sketchbook, with the help of a DIY Light Box (which is way easier to make than it sounds!), and upload the photos directly from your phone to the SimplePrints app.

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 Time-Lapse Scrapbook

Instead of a traditional chronological layout, arrange your Photo Book by themes or emotions. For example, have sections dedicated to "Happiness," "Adventure," and "Friendship," and fill them with photos and mementos that evoke those feelings. If you have friends that you’ve known for many years, you could even give each of them a section to show how time has changed you both. 

Create a Travel Scrapbook with SimplePrints

Remember to add captions, journal entries, and personal anecdotes to your scrapbook to make it more meaningful and tell the story behind each page. Your travel scrapbook ideas should be as unique as your adventures, so feel free to mix and match these ideas to create a truly personalized keepsake.

Create a beautiful and lasting Travel Photo Book with SimplePrints! Capture every unforgettable moment from your journey in a stunning travel scrapbook that is worthy of sharing. If you are feeling inspired and ready to start creating your own custom Photo Book.

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