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Is there anything sweeter than adorable photos of your baby? It’s inevitable that your phone’s photo storage is shrinking as you take pictures of the baby’s first food, first step, first time meeting the grandparents, and the first birthday! You might have hired a professional photographer for a baby photoshoot or relied on your always-handy phone to take the pics.

Preserve their sweet memories in high quality baby photo books by SimplePrints. Choose between different size options and layouts.

We know you love taking snapshots of your little one, for moments big and small. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide for creating photo books for baby's first year! Those special moments deserve a spot on the shelf in the form of stunning custom photo book. 

  • Decide between portrait or lifestyle photography: If you are thinking about using a professional photographer for your newborn baby's photo shoot or first birthday celebration, you will need to decide between posed and lifestyle photography. 
    Portrait photography was the popular choice in previous generations, for milestones and family pictures. Posing can be really fun! You can coordinate outfits, select the right background, and make sure everyone is looking at the camera when you say Cheese! 
    Lifestyle photography has grown in popularity over the past decade. Lifestyle photos provide a slice of life feel that captures the fun of living in the moment. These pictures are often more relaxed, with lots of movement. For babies, lifestyle photography can be easier to capture because little ones are always on the move! 


  • Narrow down your photo selection: You probably have four or five images of a baby's first smile or their first time eating ice cream. So, how do you pick just one? It can be hard to choose favorites. That’s why we wrote this helpful guide for selecting the best, high-quality photos that are best for photo books.

  • Organize your photos into a folder by theme: Your custom photo book will be easier to create if you organize your pictures into folders or albums based on a theme. That might mean deciding to create a photo book for baby’s first year, a kids photo book, a family yearly photo book, baby’s first holidays, or even one exclusively for your newborn baby photos. Organizing your pictures ahead of time will make it so much easier to create your custom baby photo book! 


  • Take notes of the baby's milestones and timeline: If you are creating a photo book of a baby's first year, we know that the months fly by. Make a note of how old your baby is in each picture. You can choose to add text at the bottom of each photo to date how old the baby is or add in those memorable birth details! If you want to create a custom photo book with text, be sure to jot those details down. 

Create photo collage of your baby in custom baby photo books by SimplePrints

Getting organized is the hardest part of creating custom photo books online. Now that you have a neat folder of organized pictures, you are ready to start using our baby photo book app! Here are the steps you need to take to create your first custom baby photo book:

1. Create a New Project

You can download the SimplePrints app for free to get started. Then, all you need to do is click “Catalog” and choose which product you would like to start creating. You can customize canvas prints, metal prints, or start on your custom baby photo book right away. SimplePrints has lots of options for which photo book you want to start creating. You can choose between an 8-inch photo book or a 12-inch photo book. Softcover photo books are only available in the 8-inch size, while hardcover photo books are available in either 8-inch or 12-inch. 

2. Select Paper Type

For your baby photo book, you can decide between three different paper weight options; standard, premium, and photo lustre. Standard paper is lightweight and flexible and a great option for casual photo books. Premium paper is our favorite choice for baby photo books because they have a heavy-duty quality that will stand the test of time (and eager little hands.) Photo lustre is the thickest paper with the most vibrant colors. If you are creating a newborn photography book with mostly professional photos, consider photo lustre paper for a gorgeous finish. 


3. Add Your Organized Photo Folder!

One of the best features of the SimplePrints app is the ability to access photos wherever they are on your phone or social media. If you have created an organized photo folder for your custom photo book, you can upload them from Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, and more. 


4. Customize Your Book & Order

You can move photos around to create collages, add caption text, and edit the number of pages in your book. Once you have previewed your book, you are ready to submit the order! 

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