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The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to spread love and joy. What better way to celebrate than with custom Christmas presents for your Girlfriend that will warm her heart? We’ve curated our favorite custom gift ideas to help you express your love and celebrate the holidays with your girlfriend or significant other. Explore more than 10 Christmas gifts under $100 along with creative, romantic date ideas that are sure to win her heart.

Images of men surprising their girlfriends for Christmas with custom gifts
a girl is holding a hard cover photo book by SimplePrints

Walk Down Memory Lane

Nothing is more heartwarming for the lovebirds who have been together for years than walking down memory lane. Cherish memories that you have shared with a Hardcover Photo Book with snapshots from your relationship. Include moments such as your first date, vacations, music concerts or events that you’ve attended together, silly moments from your shared pets, and any other moments that define your relationship.

Date Idea: Bring these moments to life by grabbing a few coffees and taking a literal drive down memory lane! Drive by your first apartment or home, take a walk in the park where you had your first date, and visit any landmarks that are significant to the both of you.

Your Love Story

Romantic hard cover photo book  with pictures of couple posing on a beach

Transform the story of your relationship into a romantic Photo Book that you can both cherish for years to come. Create a relationship memory book, chronicling the first time you saw her, meeting her family for the first time, and promises for the future. She will love to see how much thought you’ve put into this romantic gesture and enjoy flipping through the pages of your romantic memories.

Date Idea: You can easily prepare this romantic date idea at home! Curate a list of romantic Christmas movies and get them ready to stream (or come prepared with DVDs, if you are feeling old school!) You could plan a night to watch the Hallmark Holiday movie marathon. She will love sharing the Christmas classics with you and you can both snuggle up with delicious snacks.

Calendar Countdown: For Long-Distance Lovers

If distance keeps you apart during the holiday season, due to employment, deployment, or school, create a special countdown custom  Wall Calendar! Create a photo collage of your favorite moments together for each month. You can even use the custom date function to mark the days until you see each other again. This is one of our favorite Christmas presents for your Girlfriend because it’s a daily dose of love that bridges the gaps until you can finally be together.

Long Distance Date Ideas: Who says long-distance relationships can’t be romantic? Gather up crafty supplies and holiday decorations, and get ready for the holidays over Zoom or another video call program. Share stories and laughter as you cut up snowflakes, make DIY ornaments, and decorate the tree. 

Wall calendar with a collage image of a romantic couple trip
Three sets of mini photo books of a couple where a girl is holfing boy from back happily.

Group Memories in Mini Photo Books

Are you and your girlfriend part of a shared friend group? Consider creating personalized Mini Photo Books for your girlfriend and your friends! Whether you enjoy board games, are part of the same club, or are lifelong friends, compile all your favorite photos of the group and create a Christmas surprise for everyone. These small sized photo books come in sets of three identical books, making it easy to create something for everyone this holiday. 

Date Idea: Get your friends involved and surprise your girlfriend with a group trip! If you are into art, plan a trip to a local museum or gallery. Or if you are into board games, plan a day to get involved with a local tournament at a game shop.

Moments in Motherhood

This Christmas, surprise your girlfriend, who is not only your partner but an incredible mom, with a heartfelt gift that encapsulates the beauty of her relationship with her kids. Show her how much you appreciate the time and attention she shows to her family and those who are special to her! Create a Layflat Photo Book with photographs of her and her kids and any special trips or events that you’ve shared with them. From playful adventures to quiet moments of connection, this photo book is a tribute to the incredible mom she is and the beautiful family you've created together. This gift for mom is sure to capture her heart this Christmas.

Family Night Ideas: Plan a special date night that not only celebrates your girlfriend but also involves the whole family! Create a magical family movie night under the stars - in the comfort of your own living room! Set up a cozy space with blankets, pillows, and a projector (or a TV.) Make it magical by adding fairy lights, glow-in-the-dark sticker stars, and plenty of snacks and treats. Choose movies that the whole family will enjoy together. 

A mom is looking at a hard cover photobook with her son
A girl is holding a photo book by SimplePrints of a her graduation photos

For the Educator In Your Life

Celebrate the passion and dedication your girlfriend brings to her role as a teacher with a personalized "Classroom Chronicles" Photo Book. This thoughtful Christmas present for your Girlfriend captures the heartwarming moments, the laughter, and the milestones of her teaching journey. Compile snapshots of her classroom, students, and special teaching memories into a beautiful hardcover photo book that she can cherish as a testament to the impact she makes on young minds.

Date Idea: Book a massage therapy session for your partner and give her a self-care basket full of lotions, scented hand sanitizers, chocolates, and other small goodies that she can keep on her desk at work. These personalized gifts for teachers are a great way to show how much you appreciate her hard work.

For Her and Her Four-Legged Best Friend

Are you looking for Christmas presents for your girlfriend that encapsulate her love for her pets? Create a dog photo book with all your favorite snapshots of her beloved pets. Couple this with matching sweaters for your girlfriend and her dog, special white chocolates, and custom jewelry that has an engraved paw print. These unique romantic Christmas gifts for her are sure to warm her heart. 

Date Ideas:  Look for a combined brewery/pet park and spend a date night with your pets in tow! You can enjoy a delicious coffee or a beer while your pets meet new friends and explore a new place. You could also get matching outfits and plan a dog photo shoot to capture the memories of the three of you forever.

A girl is holding a hard cover photo book of her pet Husky dog who is lying next to her

Your Love Song

Customised photo book of a romantic karaoke night where couple is lying down on a cozy place surrounded by candles and lights

Are you looking for a musical Christmas surprise? Create a gift that she’ll remember for years to come with a custom Photo Book featuring snapshots from her favorite concerts, recitals, jam sessions, or even spontaneous karaoke nights. Whether she’s the star of the show or a devoted audience member, you can highlight her favorite moments from the past few years with carefully chosen photographs. Fill the captions with song lyrics from her favorite artists for a sentimental touch! If she plays an instrument, consider buying her music gifts, such as musical sheets from her favorite movie soundtrack, vinyl stickers for her instrument case, or even a music-themed cozy sweater!

Date Idea: Create a personalized mix on Spotify or your preferred music player and play it in the car on your way to a concert, a record store, or even a church choir performance. 

A Culinary Christmas

Does your girlfriend enjoy hosting friends and family for the holidays? Collect your favorite snapshots of her cooking, dinner parties, putting up lights, and otherwise decorating for the holiday that you celebrate. Surprise her with a personalized Photo Book that highlights these photos and also includes custom recipes from her favorite books. She can enjoy looking through those special moments while also utilizing the recipes for years to come. Other gifts for girlfriend who loves cooking would be a custom apron, new cooking utensils, tools, and adorable accessories.

Date Ideas:  You know how hard she works to make the holidays come together. So, plan a day to tackle some of the bigger items of the Holiday To-Do, such as picking up the tree, wrapping presents, or grocery shopping. At the end of the day, pick up her favorite take-out, or cook her favorite meal, and cozy up knowing that the hard work is done. 

Personalised recipe photo book by SimplePrints with image of cookie

New Year, Same Love

A customized yearly photo book featuring photos of trips taken as a couple, as part of their couple resolutions.

Do you and your girlfriend tackle New Year’s Resolutions together? If you planned a resolution from the past year and you stuck with it, such as losing weight together, training for marathons, or learning a new skill like photography, create a custom Photo Book that highlights your resolution journey! She will love looking back on this yearly photo book, with all the highs and lows of your journey together.

Date Idea:  Pick up a new pack of gel markers and a fresh notebook, then meet your girl to spend an evening setting goals and making resolutions together. Reflect on how the past year’s resolutions went, what changes you would make, and discuss your dreams for the future. This is not only a great way to show your support for her personal growth but also a meaningful way for you to connect.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Do you and your girlfriend have a shared love of the wintery outdoors? This thoughtful Christmas gift for girlfriend idea will keep her warm and toasty when the temperatures drop. Get her a cozy puffer jacket, new gloves, a hot cocoa bomb, and travel Photo Books filled with your favorite chilly memories. Whether you enjoy hiking in the snow or skiing down the slopes, your girlfriend will love looking back on those memories with you. 

Date Ideas:  Pack a romantic picnic basket with a few cozy blankets or a sleeping bag, thermoses of hot cocoa, and your favorite holiday treat. Look up winter picnic spots and withsnow-covered trees or a view of the Christmas lights, and enjoy a picnic under the winter sky. 

Hardcover photo book with a picture of a girl enjoying in the snow and snow covered road.

Get Started Creating Christmas Presents for Your Girlfriend:

  • Download the SimplePrints app for free (for iOS and Android).

  • Start a new project and upload your favorite photographs.

  • Customize the layout, captions, and cover design. 

  • Order your gift in time for the holidays!

Here at SimplePrints, we always want to make sure your gifts arrive on time. Make sure to check out our Shipping Deadlines and order by the date specified to ensure there is time to ship your product. 

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