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Create Lasting Memories with a Personalized Mother’s Day Book

Updated: Apr 12

A young girl hugging her mom who has a card in hand for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a unique opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the woman who has always been there for you and raised you to be the spectacular person you are today. It’s a chance to honor all the moments of compassion, sacrifice, and joy you have shared. This year, Mother’s Day 2024 in the United States and Canada lands on Sunday, May 12, 2024, which is quickly approaching! That’s why we are sharing our best personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mother or the mother figure in your life. Whether you want to create a personalized Mother’s Day book, create heartfelt Mother’s Day DIY gifts, or simply purchase a gift she can use and appreciate, we’ve got you covered.



a photo book depicting parents to be posing by a scenic pool

Mother’s Day Book: Honor Her Childhood

There is a special connection that a mother-to-be shares with her mother. The anticipation of having your own child brings to light the sacrifices and love that your mother had for you and this is the perfect time to reminisce on memories of mom. Whether you are the mum-to-be’s partner or you are the mom-to-be and you want to honor your mother, consider creating a custom Photo Book with photos of mother and daughter together. Include essential life milestones, like when the mom-to-be took her first steps, baby photos, and significant life events. When her little one is born, she will inevitably compare what is alike and different from her childhood, and a personalized Mother's Day book can bring those growing-up memories to life. This gift will also be a wonderful memory book to share with her child as they grow and can see their mother and grandmother in many stages of life.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation: 

12x12” Hardcover Photo Book from SimplePrints starting at $54.99

Pregnancy Subscription Box

If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider a subscription to Bump Boxes. This subscription box is tailored to the mum-to-be’s due date and guarantees lovely goodies will be sent to her each month of the pregnancy and transition into postpartum items after the due date. These boxes are filled with practical, sweet, or just plain cute items. 

Bump Boxes Subscription starting at $21.50 per month


Adoptive Mom

a boy holding his hand on the cover of a photo book with a cover of him as a baby

Family Tree Photo Book

Creating a Mother’s Day memory book for an adoptive mom is a thoughtful, heartfelt gift she can share with her adopted child. Reach out to your extended family, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and family friends, and ask them for photos of themselves and from previous family events, such as holiday memories and weddings. Then, start creating a personalized Mother's Day book that tells your family's story, utilizing the captions to tell the names of each person in the photos and how they relate to them (for example: Grandma Sherry, John’s Mom). You can even include birthdays in the captions for their immediate family members, such as their siblings and parents. This gift is for both the adoptive mom and her child because they can read it together as they adjust to their new life as a family.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Personalized Necklace

Consider this sweet gold-plated necklace with two interlocking circles for the mother who has just started her parenting journey through adoption. This is an excellent gift for new moms who are adopting a baby or an older child and signifies the connection that she has had with the child despite not being biologically related. 


New Mom

A mom holding her baby close on Mother's Day.

Newborn Photography Photo Book

Create a personalized Mother’s Day book with professional photos of her newborn if she had them taken. This is a great Mother’s Day gift for husbands to make for their wives since they likely can access all the photos. It’s easy to upload them into the SimplePrints app from almost any photo storage app, such as Dropbox, so you can start creating without giving away the surprise. Customize the layout, make photo collages, and use the captions to tell her how much you appreciate her hard work and show off your newborn photoshoot.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Gift Set for Morning Positivity

Start the new mom’s day out right with this bright and cheerful Morning Boost Bundle.  This thoughtful wellness gift for mom includes oil rollers with pick-me-up scents, shower mists, a mug that says “You are a Great Mom,” and a magnet with positive Mother’s Day quotes. This bundle is the perfect thing to help start her day on the right foot.

House Cleaning Service

Between all the late nights, impromptu diaper changes, and working out the puzzle that is breastfeeding, it can be hard to stay on top of the daily house chores. Give her the gift of a clean home by hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. You can hire the service for a one-time cleaning or pay to have them come by once a week or once a month, depending on what you think the new mom would prefer. Look for local companies offering a service gift package, as prices will vary depending on where you live.


Mom of Teens

A custom calendar with family photos of a mom, dad and teenage daughter

Custom Wall Calendar

Parenting teens often come with a busy schedule and a lot of responsibility. Help Mom stay on top of it all with a Custom Wall Calendar! Customize each month with photos of loving memories she will love and feel proud to display in her home. You can choose your starting month, add custom dates, and create photo collages with up to 9 photos. She will love turning the page each month to see a new photo collage and appreciate that she has a place to keep track of all the kids’ activities.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Meal Delivery Service

It’s not uncommon to bring meals to a new mom after she’s had her first baby, but people sometimes forget that being a mom of teenagers is a busy time, too! It can be overwhelming between all the sports practices and games, music recitals, dances, and PTA meetings (on top of her other responsibilities at work and home). So help take a load off and make mom feel special by paying for a month or two of a meal delivery service such as Everyplate or Hello Fresh. This gift is one of our favorite Mother’s Day ideas because it is both practical and thoughtful. We know she will love it.

Everyplate Meal Kits starting at $4.99 per meal


Empty Nesters

A photo book with a picture of a boy with his grandparents at the beach

Empty Nest Photo Book

If you are heading off to college or moving out, consider having a Mother’s Day photoshoot before you go! Some mom and son photoshoot ideas or photos of mother and daughter might involve taking pictures at your graduation (or even just with your diploma), taking photos at your new college, or simply taking pictures on a road trip before you go. Once you have your photos, compile them into a personalized Mother’s Day book filled with memories with Mom that you can both enjoy time and again.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Empty Nest Self-Care Package

Many mothers struggle during their first Mother’s Day with an empty nest. It’s a different stage of life than when she had little children and can be a challenging adjustment! So, for this Mother’s Day, keep things light and thoughtful. Build your own Mother’s Day gift basket and include lots of fun, lighthearted empty nest-themed items. We love this soap for empty nesters that states, “Smells like a clean house, quiet kitchen, and grocery bills cut in half. You call it an empty nest; I call it a new craft studio.” Include other items for your wellness gift basket, such as  Mother’s Day flowers, making sure it’s a bouquet of her favorite kind, her favorite coffee or tea, plenty of chocolates, and a Mother’s Day letter written by you telling her how much you love her. 

Wooden “Empty Nest” Sign

This heartfelt sign is a sweet gesture for any new empty nester who holds this “open door” philosophy with their kids. This sign will warm her heart if your mom is thoughtful and loves it when her kids come home to visit. 


Mother of the Bride (or Groom!)

Mini books with pictures of a couple on adventures!

Custom Mini Photo Books

If you recently celebrated your wedding, consider creating mini photo books to share with your mother and your mother-in-law! SimplePrints Mini Photo Books come in sets of 3 identical books, so they are perfect for taking everywhere. Your mother will love keeping this personalized Mother’s Day book in her purse to take out and share photographs of her son’s or daughter’s beautiful wedding. It’s more personal than scrolling through a phone’s archive, and she never has to worry about accidentally deleting it. 

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Wedding Memento Box

Start by ordering a beautiful wooden box and having it custom engraved with your names and your wedding date. Then, fill up the personalized gift box with memorable keepsakes from the wedding. Include items like wedding invitations, photographs, Mini Photo Books, sentimental trinkets, table placement cards, and other little items from the wedding to remember it by. This heartfelt gift will bring joy and help your mother feel appreciated. 



A stack of photo books with the top cover with a photo of a elderly couple smiling at each other

Mother’s Day Memory Book

This gift is our favorite Mother’s Day gift for grandmothers. Celebrate the matriarch in the family with a personalized Mother’s Day book. Before finding the perfect photos for this memory book, call your grandmother and interview her about her life. Ask questions about what life was like for her as a child, such as her favorite treat and how your grandfather proposed to her. Write down the answers and then find photos of her accompanying each question. Use the questions and answers as the caption for each page in the personalized Mother’s Day book. The photos could be photos from her life, such as her wedding photo or photos that include updated memories. For example, if her favorite treat was strawberry ice cream, including pictures of her eating strawberry ice cream with her grandchildren. This Mother’s Day memory book is a fantastic gift for aging mothers who love to reminisce about past times, and you can tailor each page to her.

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

Personalized Bracelet

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for grandma can be challenging. That’s why we love this engraved bracelet from Faruzo. Honor the woman who started it all by giving her a gorgeous charm bracelet with unique heart charms engraved with each grandchild’s name. This bracelet will remind you daily of the little people who made your mom into a grandmother.

Personalized Grandma Bracelet by Faruzo found on Etsy starting at $29.95


Women Who Are Always

There for You

a woman hugging another woman at a fun gathering

Mother’s Day Photo Book

Celebrate the woman who is like a mother to you by creating a personalized Mother’s Day Book of all your favorite memories. Use the captions to share why the photos are important to you or give context on when the photo was taken. Include a Mother’s Day letter for her to describe how she has positively impacted your life and why she’s earned a special spot in your heart. 

SimplePrints Product Recommendation:

A Bookish Gift Basket

Whether you are shopping for an aunt, a sister, a family friend, or any other woman you choose to celebrate on Mother’s Day, let’s talk about some Mother’s Day gifts for book lovers. Start by creating a personalized DIY bookmark. Use pressed flowers, her favorite book quotes, drawings, or her name to make this custom bookmark. You might also consider creating custom bookends from pottery, wood, or other materials if you know how to use them. Then, add other elements, like a gift card to her favorite bookstore, a reading journal, or even quirky literary gifts like figurines from her favorite novel. This bookish Mother’s Day gift basket is sure to impress!


Make Mother’s Day Special with a Personalized Mother’s Day Book

The Simpleprints app on a phone with flowers and it says Happy Mother's Day!

We hope that these Mother’s Day gift ideas have inspired your creativity for Mother’s Day 2024! No matter what gift you buy or who you choose to celebrate, we hope it is a magical day full of love and light. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a personalized Mother’s Day Book that Mom will love, and we make it easy with the SimplePrints app. 

Start creating in four easy steps:

  1. Download the free SimplePrints app

  2. Upload your photos from your phone, Dropbox, Google Photos, or social media

  3. Arrange your photos and customize your Photo Book

  4. Place your order!


Shipping Deadlines

Make sure that your Mother’s Day memory book arrives on time! Refer to our 2024 Shipping Deadlines to ensure you are ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th. Submit your orders by 11:59 p.m. EST on the dates listed below.

Canada Shipping Deadlines:

CA Standard | Thu, Apr 25

CA Expedited | Mon, Apr 29

CA Rush | Wed, May 1

US Shipping Deadlines

US Standard | Mon, Apr 29

US Expedited | Tue, Apr 30

US Rush | Thu, May 2


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