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Getting to know Piper Landon & her love for SimplePrints!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Piper Landon and her love for SimplePrints Products. Check out SimplePrints on her recommendation.

Who is Piper Landon?

Growing up in Kansas, the daughter of a top-ten recording artist, it's no surprise Piper fell in love with music. I guess you could say it was in her blood. She landed her first acting role at just 15 years old and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down since. She's already got a resume under her belt that includes TV shows, movies, and tours through the US, Canada, and Africa. With the open and honest nature of her music and she sings about personal triumphs, trials, and health scares, It's no surprise that she has carved out such a name for herself in Nashville in so little time.

When and why did you start your work as a full-time blogger and Instagram influencer?

I started working as a full-time blogger and Instagram influencer in December of 2018.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue your music career?

I started writing music and recording around fifteen years old. I recorded my first record at fifteen and started pursuing a career in television and music that same year, starting with the sitcom iShine Knect.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I find inspiration from the people closest to me in my life. My parent's career in the music industry inspired me to get started at such a young age, and my friends and loved ones in Nashville inspire me daily to continue this journey.

Making Memories


On your blog, you mentioned that you spend a lot of time ‘living’, why is this important to you?

I spent several years at a desk job before going full-time with influencing and music - and that season taught me how valuable time with loved ones and time spent bettering yourself is. It is a privilege to get to do content creation full-time, and I try my best to not take that for granted, investing my time in travel, and creating images and memories with those closest to me in my life.

How do you try to incorporate that into your daily life? More importantly with your family?

The last year I’ve had the opportunity to travel with my partner, Tony Magro throughout the US, Mexico, and Aruba. We’ve had so much fun going on these trips to create content and memories together - and we both try to incorporate that ‘memory-making’ goal into our everyday life.

What is your recommendation to those that want to start “living” more?

Invest in yourself, and when possible invest in travel. I’ve learned more about myself on each trip that I have taken.


When did you first hear about SimplePrints?

I first heard about SimplePrints about a year and a half ago!

What need is SimplePrints fulfilling in your life?

SimplePrints gives me a tangible way to hold the photos taken on our trips throughout the world.

What is your favorite SimplePrints Product?

I love the Custom Mini photo books! I gifted a Travel-friendly Mini photo book to Tony with a bunch of pictures of him and the kids this last year. It was a perfect photo gift idea for him.

Who would you recommend SimplePrints to?

Anyone who loves to take photos, whether with your phone camera or a professional camera. It’s an incredible feeling to hold these moments in your hand. Make Photo books online from SimplePrints App.SimplePrints offer a variety of products such as custom Photo books, Metal Prints, Layflat Photo Books.

Piper Landon loves SimplePrints PhotoBooks. Check out what she has to say about our products.

Thank you to Piper Landon for using SimplePrints to print your special memories and for agreeing to have this interview.

You can follow her on Instagram @piperoninsta and listen to her music here:

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