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Celebrating a milestone with these Graduation gift ideas!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Create custom graduation gifts such as graduation photo books by SimplePrints celebrate the milestone!

Ah yes, graduation season has begun! A day full of nostalgia and great conversations about the future. A graduation ceremony is in order for the hard work our graduates put into finishing their studies. Let's not forget to reward the people that supported and inspired them from beginning to end. So this graduation season, capture high school/university memories and create great graduation gifts such as graduation photo books for graduates and YOU, their loyal support system.

Plan For The Big Day

Having your device charged, snacks packed, and bright skies (fingers crossed) are excellent ways to start planning for the graduation day. When you are capturing moments, make sure to take as many pictures as possible to fill your graduation photo book! As things are constantly moving, taking multiple pictures guarantees that one will be perfect to use for your social media or even a photo print. Pro tip - Be sure to capture images in landscape and portrait orientation to give yourself more options for printing and posting your photos!

You can use the SimplePrints app on the go as you choose your favorite photos of the day. This saves you time and makes ordering a graduation photo book online with the SimplePrints App a seamless process. Most importantly, make sure you remember the feeling of pride and honor you are experiencing on this day

Go through graduation memories with custom graduation photo books. Add special moments from graduation and preserve forever!

It’s All About Memories

Memories last a lifetime! When it comes to graduation, we want to cherish the moments our graduates had before their graduation ceremony like their ups and downs, their many achievements, and all the people involved. As the saying goes, "it takes a village!"

The family has and always will be a big part of the graduate's success. Take advantage that you will be celebrating together and gather them for a nice family photo. This could be the commemorative photo you print, later on, as a metal print or canvas print, and hang in your living room to cherish for years to come. Select your photos with family and add them to your personalized graduation photo album. You can add your favorite graduation memories quotes in the graduation photo books so that you remember that emotion always!

Photo Prints For All!

Having pictures scattered throughout your surroundings is a sure-fire way to add joy and inspiration to your life. Why not bring that feeling of gratitude and love straight to your family with a photo book or mini photo books? Our graduation photo books are a great way to express the special bond you share with your loved ones and treasure beautiful moments and milestones such as High school graduation or university graduation. Gift your friends travel-friendly photo books as a graduation gift to preserve your shared memories forever.

SimplePrints graduation photo books are a great way to treasure beautiful moments and milestones such as High school graduation or university graduation.

As The Day Slowly Comes To an End...

We hope these graduation gift ideas can help make graduation day a precious memory for all of the people in your life! At the end of the day, it's just all about providing nothing but love and support and letting your graduate know how proud you are that they have been able to get through such a challenging yet rewarding time in their lives by creating personalized graduation gifts!

By creating personalized graduation gifts by SimplePrints, Let the graduates know that you are proud of them and support them with love!

SimplePrints App offers various gift options to preserve your graduation memories!

Mini photo books, canvas prints, and metal prints are available on iOS only.

Photo books are available on iOS and Android.


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