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SimplePrints Gift Guide: Gifts for every holiday

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Person holding a SimplePrints Mini book on top of a SimplePrints photo book

It’s that time of year again when the holiday season is in full swing. Family gatherings, shopping trips, and cozy mugs of hot chocolate are surely in your future. Here at SimplePrints, we look forward to this season as we focus on our families and our communities. We’ve compiled some gift ideas and helpful tips to make sure your holiday activities are fun (and not stressful!) As you are preparing for the holidays, keep these gift ideas in mind!

November 24: US Thanksgiving

SimplePrints Canvas Print of a family portrait

Thanksgiving is a favorite fall holiday for people all over the US. We love cozying up by the fire, sharing quotes for the fall season, and jumping in the leaves. If you are attending a US Thanksgiving holiday celebration, it is a nice gesture to bring a gift. If you aren’t signed up to bake a pumpkin pie or take on the turkey, consider creating a gift for the holiday, such as a custom canvas print of the whole family.

Your family might also enjoy giving back this Thanksgiving by volunteering at a food drive, participating in a winter coat drive, or even just spending time helping your family, friends, and neighbors.

Tip: Canvas prints are matte and won’t reflect glare, so they are the perfect piece to hang in a family room for everyone to enjoy from every angle.

November 27: First Day of Advent

SimplePrints mini photo book set

Get into the DIY spirit and consider creating your own advent calendars with your family for the first day of Advent! Give a gift to all of the children in your family, it could be fun to create a set of mini photo books. Give each child a 3.5”x3.5” photo book with a photo page for each day of Advent. You can include treasure hunts, memorable moments, and special captions, such as a prayer for the first day of Advent, that show just how much you care.

Tip: You can order multiple sets of 3 mini books, if you are buying for more than 3 people at a time. This makes our SimplePrints mini photo books are great options for church, school, and work groups.

December 18: First Day of Hanukkah

SimplePrints Seamless Layflat photo book

Whether you prepare for the big holiday by crafting your own DIY decorations for Hanukkah, sharing a prayer for the first night of Hanukkah, or remembering the history of the holiday and retelling the story, it is a special opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. We love the idea of making a custom photo book online for your family members, complete with photos of good times, accomplishments, and cherished memories.

Tip: Layflat photo books offer gutter-less viewing from one page to the next, making them the perfect book for coffee tables and fantastic holiday gift ideas for grandparents. If you plan to display your photo book during your Hanukkah celebration, the layflat photo book option might be for you!

December 25: Christmas Day

SimplePrints Mini Photo Book inside a christmas stocking

It takes a lot to get ready for the festivities, but preparing for the holidays is always so worth it. Christmas holiday celebrations just feel magical, from the twinkling lights adorning your favorite shops to setting up the tree with your family. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for grandparents ideas, you can’t go wrong with giving a custom photo book for the holiday season! Everyone loves to receive a family photo album, so whether you are gifting photos of the grandkids or a compilation of a decade’s worth of holiday themed family pajamas, you can find a photo book that works for you. The possibilities are endless!

Tip: Our mini photo books also make great stocking stuffers for kids and adults alike!

December 26: Kwanzaa

SimplePrints Seamless layflat photo book

Kwanzaa is a holiday all about honoring your family and your culture. There are so many ways to celebrate with your community this season, from family meals to sharing music and poetry. Preserve memories and cherish special moments this year at your Kwanzaa celebrations and create a photo book online to share with your loved ones. They will love to keep the memories you made together close to their heart for years to come.

Tip: You can share digital versions of the SimplePrints albums that you create so that family members can choose to order their own copies, offer suggestions, or even just preview them before you order.

January 1: New Year’s Day

Woman holding a SimplePrints metal print

If you regularly travel on New Years, you might enjoy creating travel photo books from your adventures. Bring your camera with you on vacation and make sure to take photos of all those toes-in-the-sand moments and treasure them for years to come. As you are preparing for the holidays, consider bringing your host a bottle of champagne and a canvas print of your friend group!

Tip: Personalized metal prints can also be a great way to display vibrant, colorful photos. Select from multiple sizes and get ready to bring the beach home with you!

January 6: Three Kings Day

Día De Los Reyes is a special day that brings a close to the holiday season and that families can share in together. There are many unique activities for Three Kings Day that will make the day extra special, like these easy activities for kids. We love the idea of recreating the traditional story, whether you dress up and take photos on your own or you capture photos of a church play, and create fun and easy photo books to save. You can bring this special story photo book out each year when you tell the story of the Three Kings.

Tip: If you want to photograph your child’s play at church or school, consider these tips for photographing theatrical performances!

Person holding a SimplePrints Softcover Photo book and a cup of coffee

We hope that you feel inspired to create gifts for the holiday season for your friends and family. SimplePrints is the easiest online photo books maker because creating beautiful things shouldn’t be complicated. It’s easy to start preparing for the holidays and creating custom photo gifts right from our app. First, download the app and upload your photos. Then start a new project, add your pictures in, and order.

Want to receive your photo books by a certain date?

We keep an updated list of shipping deadlines for all major holidays, so you know when to order your products to receive them when you need them. To see the full list, visit our 2022 Shipping Deadlines.


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