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Updated: Jul 29, 2022


Dads. They can be biological, by marriage, or someone who has represented that father figure in our lives. We hold them close to our hearts and know what tickles their funny bone, but when it comes to gifting, all of a sudden, they are the hardest people to buy for. Our brains almost seem to go blank, but let our list of Father’s Day gifts for dad put your mind at ease.

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For the Young at Heart

Research the decade in which your dad was a teenager to find items that may jog his memory. Make him a custom gift box that is a collection from yesteryear. For example, if he was a teen in the late 1970s, give him a basket that contains Bottlecaps candy, the Rock ‘n’ Roll High School movie, and a pair of genuine tube socks.

If all of this seems difficult to find, the internet is a storehouse for finding these types of gems, and you can have them shipped directly to him or you. Add in a music CD from the era so that dad can get his groove on. It’s a creative father’s day gift for dad that he will love!

For the Master Griller

If your dad enjoys grilling, chances are he already has the staples, like a grill and tools. So, think about items that are consumable that he needs to purchase repeatedly for grilling out. A selection of rubs and seasonings for various purposes – chicken, beef, veggies – can add the pop of flavor he’s been craving.

Companies like Omaha Steaks and ButcherBox allow for one-time delivery or a subscription for meat deliveries so that dad can always have quality steaks on hand. Also, think about some more obscure grilling tools, such as a meat thermometer or kebab skewers if dad doesn’t already have some of the extras. This cooking gift option can be enjoyed by him on future occasions as well.

For the DIY Aficionado

Can dad whip up a project or fix something like there’s no tomorrow? Whether he can build a raised flower bed or stop a leaky faucet, your father may crave a side project to keep his hands busy. Man Crates offers several all-in-one kit selections, such as having dad make a leather belt, birdhouse, or fishing lures.

A quick web search of “build your own kits” garners results such as bookbinding, clock making, and even crafting a ukulele so that dad can make and play his instrument. Although it’s not quite as personal, if your dad has a few home projects to finish, a gift card for Father’s day to his local hardware store would suffice.

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For the Eclectic

Are you still stumped? Several companies offer themed gift baskets that can be sent off to dad on a short timeline. Get a father’s day gift basket at BroBasket. They have several options, such as collections geared towards golfers, executives, and craft beer lovers.

GiftCraftes also has interest-based curations, such as retro gaming, football, and junk food which makes for interesting father’s day gifts for dad. The fun part about crates is that the recipient gets to open them with a crowbar (don’t worry, it’s included), and you can also choose how difficult it will be to get the crate open – from easy to tough – for an added element of fun.

For the Beverage Enthusiast

Whether he likes to sample local craft beers, or sip a glass of wine on the patio, there are convenient gifts for him for Father’s day! Subscriptions, such as Craft Beer Club, expose your dad to tastes from microbreweries all over. You can also choose from monthly and quarterly gift subscriptions depending on the desired frequency.

Does he like wine? No matter where dad lives, you can have wine shipped directly. Using a service like Winc will expose him to a variety of flavors, or dad can dive deep into the offerings of a single vineyard with a wine club membership.

For the Travel Lover

Ah, yes. This year has been challenging for those who love travel, so why not give dad something to spurn his interest for future trips? If your dad has always had a specific location on his mind, send him a guidebook and create a virtual itinerary for him filled with links – such as videos, live webcams, and photo galleries – to view the location on the web.

You can also get a bit creative with gear. Search “travel” on Etsy for gifts like Dopp kits, passport covers, and maps to mark where he’s been. And for that wine aficionado above? A wine suitcase is a fabulous idea so that he can safely transport varietals from his journeys.

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For the Sentimental One

Does dad cry at weddings and other emotional moments? Or, maybe he just loves his family the way only a dad does. A keepsake from SimplePrints is a fabulous idea to give any dad.

Whether it’s a canvas or metal print for him to hang in his office, or a memory book for him to flip through, giving dad a photo-based gift can be a glimpse into the precious times he has spent with his loved ones. It’s also something that he can pass down to future generations.

Gift-giving is easy with our SimplePrints App. Just download the app, figure out which keepsake you want, choose your photos, and have it shipped directly to dad. One point to note is that photo books can be found in iOS and Android, whereas the metal and canvas prints are only on iOS.

Don’t forget, making a photo book or print is simple (hence the name SimplePrints!) and can be done from your phone at home, while you are waiting in line or the passenger seat of the car. Create loving, memorable Father’s Day gifts with our SimplePrints App.

Create loving, memorable Father’s Day gifts with our SimplePrints App. Celebrate Father's day in most special ways.



Jennifer Prince lives in VA with her husband, kids, and kitties. Beyond writing, she enjoys vintage things, exploring her hometown, and finding content for her travel blog.


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