What gifts to get for dad – Personalized Father’s day gift ideas!

Updated: Mar 30

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Father’s Day is coming around the corner fast, making it now the perfect time to start thinking about the best Father’s Day gifts to get for any dad in your life! Finding the right gift can be a challenge, but luckily, you already have beautiful photo memories sitting idle on your phone.

We take so many photos, but we don’t always appreciate them as much as we should. With the SimplePrints app (available for both Android and iOS users), you can easily turn your favorite memory into a beautiful, ever-lasting, custom photo gift. You can edit photos before you add them to your photo album.

From a wide selection of canvas prints, metal prints, and even photo books, you can create a personalized Father’s Day gift that will remind your father why he is the best dad in the world for years to come!

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of personalized Father’s Day Gift ideas, comprising some of the most perennially popular and heartfelt gifts.

Photo book for father's day

Photo Books – Perfect for Long-lasting Memories

A photo book is a fantastic way to combine all your favorite memories with your father in one place!

Instead of just printing out photos and adding them to an album, creating a custom photo book online with the SimplePrints app allows you to be creative and add text and design to your project. A photo book with up to 300 pages available for your most precious memories, your dad will always have something to look back on when you are away. It is such a great photo gift for new dads on Father’s day.

There are three photo book options to choose from:

  1. 8x8 Softcover/Paperback Photo Book – This small photo book is the lightest option and easy to carry – without compromising on the quality of course!

  2. 8x8 Hardcover Photo Book – If you’re looking for a more serious collection of memories, this hardcover option can become your dad’s favorite memorabilia.

  3. 12x12 Hardcover Photo Book – The hard-bound cover of this personalized Father’s Day gift can also make for a beautiful Hardcover coffee table book or a valuable addition to your dad’s bookshelf.

Mini Photo Books – A Charming Reminder of Dad’s Love

Does your dad travel a lot? Let him keep you in his thoughts every day with this charming pocket-size photo book.

With dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 inches, this is the perfect travel-friendly photo book. It allows you to create all the same designs, fonts, and colors as a regular-sized photo book, but in a smaller package.

The cover is soft with vibrant paper, and the best part is that you create a set of three identical mini photo books with your purchase. Then dad, you, and mom can all enjoy them! A mini photo book is a perfect Father's Day gift idea for your father-in-law. You can get a set of mini photo books with pictures of your in-laws and your partner's family as well!

Metal Prints – A Modern Gift for Home Décor

Looking to add a modern touch to dad’s home?

Metal prints are the newest addition to the world of custom wall art. The durable, lightweight, and high-quality metal prints showcase important memories in high-definition color with a glossy finish.

The great thing about custom metal prints is that they can also be placed outside and won’t be ruined when exposed to the elements.

There are six sizes to choose Metal Prints from in both portrait and landscape format:

● 5x7 inches Metal Prints

● 12x18 inches Metal Prints

● 16x20 inches Metal Prints

● 16x24 inches Metal Prints

● 20x30 inches Metal Prints

● 24x36 inches Metal Prints

Canvas Prints – Fine Art Memories for Dad

Canvas prints are a great choice if you’re looking to create a custom photo gift in the form of your own traditional work of art.

Each canvas is gallery wrapped with a high-quality matte finish print, which means that you will not experience glare no matter what angle you admire it from. The pinewood frame gives it a refined touch and makes it the perfect image to hang in any room of the house.

There are four sizes to choose from:

● 8x12 inches Canvas Prints

● 12x16 inches Canvas Prints

● 16x24 inches Canvas Prints

● 24x36 inches Canvas Prints

Worried about your image not being big enough for a canvas? The SimplePrints team uses special technology to elegantly stretch the pixels of your image to the very edge and towards the wall for a unique finish.

While it’s far from an exhaustive list of Father’s Day gift ideas, we hope this list has given you the inspiration you need to find the right gift for your dad.

The SimplePrints app is super easy to use and can create any visual content that you can imagine. Everything is handmade in the USA and only takes 5-10 business days to arrive at your dad’s doorstep.

Make the most of your inspiration right now and create a personalized Father’s day gift that shows how much you value your time and memories with your father!


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