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Romantic Couple Day Trip Ideas for the Summer

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

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Summer is the perfect time to plan romantic surprises for your loved one. The weather is warm, the days are long, and there are endless opportunities for fun and adventure. If you're looking for ideas to add a little romance to your summer, here are 10 romantic getaway weekend ideas!

Go Wine Tasting

We’re putting our favorite romantic couple day trip ideas at the top. Visit a local winery and sample some of the best wines in the region. This is one of our favorite activities for couples because it allows you to meet new and interesting people, sample new wines, and do it all as a day trip or a weekend quick getaway.

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Go on a Road Trip

Have you ever wanted to see all of the national parks? Take cute couple road trips to the ocean or plan a romantic getaway at a destination resort. Road trips can be the perfect romantic getaways because you skip the stress of flying and spend the whole time together. Prepare with our list of road trip essentials! Explore new places and make romantic memories that will last a lifetime during your romantic trip.

Couple on a car on a roadtrip

Go on a Picnic in the Park

You can’t go wrong with ideas for summer picnics in the park! Making a picnic into a romantic occasion is as simple as choosing a scenic spot, packing your partner’s favorite foods and drinks, setting the mood with candles or battery-powered string lights, and devoting your attention to each other. Enjoy summer picnic recipes while you people-watch or take in the beauty of nature and rekindle your romance.

Couple on a picnic

Have a Bonfire on the Beach or in the Backyard

Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and stargaze. This cozy activity is a great summer activity that adults and children will both enjoy. Whether you make it a family affair or simply spend the day together, this is a great way to create lasting memories with your partner.

A couple and their dog spending time with a firepit

Go for a Hike in the Mountains

One of the best couple day trip ideas is to hike in the mountains! Spend a day exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and scenery. If you don’t live near snowy peaks, consider taking a walk through a botanical garden or a relaxing stroll at a park that is new to you!

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Take a Dip in the Pool, Ocean, or Hot Hotspring

This option is one of our favorite couple day trip ideas because you can spend the day relaxing together. Cool off on a hot day with a refreshing swim in the ocean, or take a trip to a natural hot spring (if you live near one!) and spend the day soaking away life’s troubles.

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Go Camping Under the Stars

A camping trip is a great way to escape it all and connect with nature. Whether you camp out in a tent, a cozy cabin, an Airbnb, or go glamping in a fully-loaded camper, spend your time together and enjoy your summer weekend getaway.

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Go Stargazing

Find a dark spot away from city lights and see how many constellations you can identify. Whether you can find Orion, Ursa Major, and Cassiopeia, or you spend the whole evening looking into each other’s eyes, you will treasure these quiet moments.

Couple stargazing

Go to a Concert or Festival

These couple day trip ideas are sure to impress. Invite your friends to your favorite concert or spend the day together and enjoy live music and dancing under the stars. If you have any festivals within a day’s drive, plan for good food, a robust art scene, and plenty of romantic photo opportunities.

couple cheering in a music festival

Go to a Sporting Event

Make your couples weekend trip ideas center around your favorite sports team! Visit the websites of local sports teams or venues to see what events they have coming up and plan a day trip to cheer them on!

couple taking a selfie in a football game

Make the Most of Your Romantic Couple Vacation Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to romantic summer activities. We hope that these romantic couple day trip ideas have inspired you to get out there and create romantic couple memories! You can save all your favorite photographs from your summer weekend getaway when you create a unique photo project with SimplePrints. Add your favorite couple vacation quotes to the captions of a Hardcover Photo Book themed around your vacation, or turn a breathtaking photograph from your hike to the mountains into the focal point of the room as a Metal Print.

Download the free SimplePrints app today to get started!

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