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It’s the subtle touches to a house that make it a home. Your interior design elements are a medium for conveying your personality and unique qualities. When it comes to decorating, it’s often the smallest details that create the biggest impact.

If you’re struggling for inspiration when trying to design your home, have no fear. Here are ten of the unique interior design elements that you can personalize to make your house feel like a home.

Vacation Photos as Art

Leave the stock prints and recreations on the department store shelves where they belong. Instead, showcase images from your family’s adventures with vacation photos displayed as art.

There are numerous ways to add your personality with vacation photos. You can transform a photo into a canvas painting for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Showcase your photos on metal prints by SimplePrints for a shiny, stunning alternative to framed images. Create a gallery wall using different shapes and sizes of photos or build your own triptych showcasing your favorite landscape.

Statement Lighting

Lighting should be more than a functional piece of background furniture. This often-overlooked opportunity to shine— pun totally intentional— is a fun way to set the tone for the room.

Look for a vintage-inspired art decor floor lamp to illuminate the atmosphere. Opt for a stunning pendant light or collection of hanging Edison bulbs to make a statement in entryways and hallways. Replace your standard construction fixtures with something eye-catching to add personality to your home with these unique interior design elements.

Natural Elements

Natural elements make a home look and feel great. Get creative when bringing nature into your home. Potted indoor plants and terrariums are an easy way to add a feeling of vitality and atmosphere to any room. However, there are other elements worth including.

Use a decorative bowl to showcase the seashells you’ve collected. This unique interior design element works well with canvas prints by SimplePrints of your favorite beach destination. You can also add moss, stones, and raw wood for a more earthy, woodsy feel.

If you collect natural elements yourself, remember to put them in the freezer for a couple of weeks to ensure you don’t invite any critters into your home.

Thrift Store Conversation Pieces

Everyone needs a few conversation pieces that set their home apart from everyone else’s. It’s these eccentric baubles and quirky displays that make a house a home.

Instead of buying new or mass-produced, look at the local thrift store for something that stands out. It could be anything from a golden dog tape dispenser to an ornate mirror.

Remember that you can upcycle these features with a coat of paint and some creativity. If you find a collection of potential conversation pieces that look dated or clash, you can cover them with the same paint, glitter, or fabric to create a cohesive look.

Upcycled Ladder Displays

Ladders are one of the most functional and fashionable furnishings in a living room or bedroom. An upcycled wooden ladder can be used to display photo books by SimplePrints or hang blankets. You can drape twinkle lights over a rustic ladder for a nostalgia-inducing lighting feature that you can’t buy in stores.

If you can’t find the right vintage ladder for your decor vision, you can purchase replicas. You can also get ladder shelves that are ideal for displaying photos and small design elements.

Industrial-Inspired Materials

Using industrial-inspired materials can make any home stand out and feel unique. Whether you choose to create an entirely industrial design scheme or opt for a few key features, this decor scheme creates a versatile background for individualism.

Design a room with an exposed brick wall using natural brick or faux-brick tiles. In ground-level rooms, you can install polished concrete floors for a breathtaking display reminiscent of marble at only a fraction of the cost. Exposed beams, piping, and minimalist lighting are all features of this design scheme that create an opportunity for customization.

Repurposed Planters

Repurposed planters are a fantastic way to blend the design ideas on this list. Instead of opting for decorative or terra cotta pots, try to DIY a planter from natural elements.

Brass baubles and urns make stunning vases for succulents and dried flowers. Mix and match ceramics and stoneware for an eclectic collection that’s as unique as you.

Books as Art

Turn your bookshelf into a work of art with varying displays and coordinating book covers. Instead of putting each book in order on the shelf, break it up with various decor pieces, bookends, and stacks of thematic novels or photo books by SimplePrints.

Think outside the bookshelf when using books as a decor element. Add curated stacks on other shelves, the coffee table, and end tables. You can use books to add dimension to your decor such as the coffee table books by placing lamps or planters on top of the various stacks. This design strategy is ideal for bookworms who always have a few spare novels lying around.

Geometric Accent Pieces

Geometric accent pieces are chic, elegant, and versatile. They work well with various other home decor items and can be used to add contrasting designs or complementary displays that pull the room together.

Use geometric accents to break up a gallery wall of your favorite photos or alongside your books as an artistic bookend. You can even get geometric planters that are perfect to create a living wall, hold moss and candles, or plant low-maintenance succulents..

Contrasting Textures as Decor

To make a house more homely, you have to look beyond what you can see and assess what you can feel. Adding contrasting textures can convey a message and entice the senses. For example, adding throw pillows and blankets in varying textures can add a sense of relaxation and comfort. Meanwhile, leather or velvet invokes a sense of elegance and luxury.

Adding contrasting textures can help enhance a room or soften colder surroundings, like tile floors and leather couches. Get creative and throw in some clashing colors and patterns to create a signature look for your living space.

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