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Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with SimplePrints!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Personalized Mother's Day Gift ideas to make her feel extra special on the day!

In the search for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas, it is challenging to find something as unique as the mom you are shopping for. We hope to help you settle on the perfect Mother’s Day gift in this Mother’s Day gift guide.

We suggest that you consider the Mother’s Day gift experiences that you are hoping to provide for Mom this year. Do you want to give a gift that touches her heart or makes her laugh? Would she rather cozy up for a day in or take off on a new adventure? Every mom is different, but we know that you know her best!

Below you will find multiple personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas! Whether you are shopping for your mom, your wife, or a special mom in your life, you can find custom gifts for mom below.

Flower Pressed Bookmarks + Mini Photo Books

Create Mini Photo Books on phone with SimplePrints app. Add photos of your siblings with your mom and share the identical pocket-sized photo books

For the mama that loves to read, these beautiful flower-pressed bookmarks are a hand-made gift that she will treasure. You can follow easy step-by-step instructions at Lovely Indeed (with pictures), so you and your kiddos can craft this floral gift together.

We love pairing a flower-pressed bookmark with one of our personalized photo books! You can even get the grandmothers involved by creating Mini Photo Books, with your favorite snaps of your little ones, to give to their mom, grandmother, God-mother, or any special mother in your life. Mini photo books come in sets of 3 pocket-sized books in 3.5” x 3.5” size. This gift pairing would be perfect to give at a Mother’s Day brunch.

This crafty gift is so special. It is one of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas under $50.

Self-Care Subscription Box + Metal Prints

What says self-care better than having a box of delightful mom-inspired goodies delivered right to your front door? You can give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box. We love the Mama Needs Box, which has different themes each month, and the Hopebox, which offers self-care products with an uplifting message.

Gift a custom Metal Print this Mother’s Day, choose a high-quality professional photo with lustrous colors!

We have a feeling that the Mama that would love a subscription box is probably on the go. So, pair this gift with a wonderful keepsake that she can display at the center of her home. We’re talking about Metal Prints! Whether Mom is on the go all day, or at home with a little one, she will love walking past a beautifully vibrant Metal Print with a photograph of her family.

If you give a custom Metal Print this Mother’s Day, choose a high-quality professional photo with lustrous colors that will provide a pop to the room you will hang it in.

Family Painting Project + Canvas Print Collage

Canvas Prints -  @emmyloustyles

For the mama with older children that can handle the responsibility of painting (without making things stressful), consider working together to transform a wall in your house. Let Mom decide the paint color and the perfect room, then work together to freshen up a wall with a new coat of paint. You will make memories as you turn up the music, break out the paintbrushes, and have fun!

Once the wall is dry, surprise Mom with a collection of 2-4 Canvas Prints and design a collage! Canvas Prints make the perfect statement piece for stairways, living rooms, and dining rooms. Their matte finish makes them visible from anywhere in the room (no sun glare!) and Mom gets to enjoy them for years to come.

One of the best personalized Mother’s Day gift idea is Canvas Prints. Surprise Mom with a collection of 2-4 Canvas Prints and design a collage!

Canvas Prints come in a variety of sizes, from small to large, and you can even design a photo collage for a single canvas if you are working with a smaller space. Canvas Prints are highly customizable and make the best personalized Mother’s Day gift idea!

Hardcover Photo Book + Painted Rock Bookends

SimplePrints Photo Books make the perfect gift for mom who loves to relive life’s best moments and nostalgia.

If you are looking for a painting project that is a little bit less pressure, consider creating painted rock book-ends for Mom’s home library. Get outside with the kids in the morning (and let Mom sleep in and go on the hunt for rocks that are the right size and shape. Then paint them together!

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it gives a subtle, personalized touch, while still keeping things classy.

We love the idea of placing a few hardcover Photo Books between those painted rocks. Our Photo Books make the perfect gift for mom who loves to relive life’s best moments and nostalgia. The opportunities for Photo Books are endless! From newborn photography to baby Photo Books, to family yearly photo books, and more, we are certain you can find just the right vibe for the Mom in your life.

Photo Book + Family Pyjamas

Make Softcover Photo Book for Mother's day with SimplePrints, Surprise her by adding photos from different timelines.

Who says family pyjamas are just for Christmas? You can surprise Mom with adorable matching pyjamas for the whole family. We love the playful designs from Lazy One that make getting cozy fun for the whole family.

Snuggle up on Mother’s Day and look over an 8x8 softcover Photo Book together. Softcover Photo Books offer a flexible cover and lightweight, relaxed style. Gather up all your best family pyjama pictures through the years and vote on your favorite ones.

Are you looking for Mother’s Day photo ideas? If you decide to celebrate with these fun family pyjamas, capture the memories! You can share your cozy celebration with family and friends. Mom will love looking back on this day for years to come.

The Smell of Home + Coffee Table Layflat Photo book

Create a Coffee Table Book dedicated to best moments of your mother so that she can relive memories forever.

If you are spending Mother’s Day away from home, you might be planning to call your mom or send a gift. We love this ultra-minimalist soy wax candle from Homesick. The candle has a simple white label this reads, “Thank You, Mom.”

If you want a candle with a little more humor mixed in, you can’t overlook the Scary Mommy candle collection.

Mom can display one of these delicious smelling candles on the coffee table next to a personalized layflat photo book.

A Gardening Book + Painted Planting Pot!

Personalized Photo Book for mom that loves gardening and plants. Surprise her with something she is fond of!

If the mom in your life is often found in the garden, you can be sure her kids are there too. Collect all those snaps of baby’s watering the garden, muddy footprints, and the sunflower that grew taller than mom and compile them into a fun and playful Photo Book.

You can’t go wrong if you pair this personalized Mother’s Day gift idea with a bright yellow forsythia planted in a pot. Skip giving the gardening mama cut flowers and give her an adorable planter that she can enjoy for years to come. You can have the kids paint the pots for a personal touch.

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift quotes to paint on your pot? Here are two of our favorites:

“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” – Marion C. Garretty

“Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it.” - Unknown

Personalized Doggie Mat + Pet Photo book

A personalized photo book for Mother's day featuring the beloved pets in Mom’s life!

For the pet parent, gift a heartfelt personalized door mat. We are gushing over the cute welcome mats from Pawfect House. These mats include personalized caricatures of hundreds of different pets! This mat is so adorable that the mom in your life won’t be able to resist sitting it outside the front door.

Pair this gift with a personalized photo book featuring the beloved pets in Mom’s life!

These books stand the test of time and will serve as a wonderful way to remember all of the pets that the mom in your life has had the privilege to love.

What’s the best gift for Mother’s Day?

 Our photo books are custom made to your specifications, using the SimplePrints app, and delivered right to your front door

No matter which personalized Mother’s Day gift that you choose, the best gift is always one that comes from the heart. Make Mom’s day special by calling her, spending time with her, taking her to her favorite brunch spot, or sending flowers. Moms know that life doesn’t stop for this holiday and those little gestures count for a lot.

If you are away from the mother you are shopping for today, consider using our Mother’s Day gift online delivery. Our photo books are custom made to your specifications, using the SimplePrints app, and delivered right to your front door (or moms!) It couldn’t be easier. To make sure your shipment arrives in time, please place your orders by April 19th in Canada and April 25th in the US for standard shipping. For more details on our shipping deadlines, click here.


Guest Blogger: Cameya Martin

Cameya Martin is a mother, a wife, a self-identified horse-girl, and a writer. She writes articles for small businesses, memoirs for people, and fiction for herself.


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