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Unique & custom Holiday photo gift ideas for family and friends!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

SimplePrints catalog offers simple, beautiful & inexpensive photo gifts ideas that take the stress out of giving for your loved ones.

No matter what holiday you are looking forward to, celebrate with us at SimplePrints. Our catalog offers simple, beautiful & inexpensive gifts ideas that take the stress out of giving. You and your loved ones will cherish the opportunity to display treasured memories. SimplePrints offers multiple personalized gift ideas for the Holiday season so look no further than SimplePrints products. We offer to make online photo books, turn photos into canvas prints, and so much more. Keep reading to find out how these gifts can fit into your holiday photo gift ideas!

Photo Books

Create a beautiful, personalized photo album online, right from your mobile phone with SimplePrints app..Choose type of paper that fits your style, function, and budget.

Photo books have taken over the scrapbook industry. The days of cutting your fingers with zig-zag scissors and getting glue in your hair are over. Instead, you can create a beautiful, personalized photo album online, right from your mobile phone.

SimplePrints App offers custom photo books in a variety of options. Photo books are available in softcover photo books and hardcover photo books, as well as custom layflat photo books. You get to choose which type of paper fits your style, function, and budget.

Advent Calendar: We love a non-traditional advent calendar. It doesn’t have to hang on the wall to count down the days! Create a photo book from phone that features a new photo for every day of Advent. Consider adding props to your photos, such as balloons shaped like numbers, or keep it simple and add a note at the bottom of each page.

Team Pick: 8x8 standard paper softcover photo book or hardcover photo book. Make the gift complete with a chocolate treat for each day of Advent.

Hanukkah: Feature eight family photos alongside touching prayers in your custom photo book designed to travel with you and to be enjoyed for years to come.

Team Pick: 8x8 Premium paper softcover photo book as they are easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Compile all your birthday photos through the years into a birthday photo book. Create your own birthday memories album with SimplePrints app!!

Birthday Photo Albums: Compile all your birthday photos through the years into a birthday photo book. Add text that details what you did to celebrate for each year, what flavor of cake you had, or whom you celebrated with. You can also add birthday quotes. Create your own birthday memories album!

Team Pick: 8x8 Photo Lustre photo books to make those birthday colors pop.

Travel Photo Books: Bring yourself back to eating tacos at a Mexican villa or cheese curds in Canada (we don’t judge). Travel photo books are a great way to capture your vacation memories. We love panoramic photography in our layflat photo books.

Team Pick: Our new product! 12x12 layflat photo book so you don’t lose any beautiful details from your travel photos to make a travel photo book online.

Family Yearly Photo books: Yearly photo books aren’t only for schools. Use snapshots from your favorite moments throughout the year, like that winning goal or dressing your golden retriever up like a bank robber for Halloween. Include photos from holidays, birthdays, and big moments in your yearly photo book, and is an emotional holiday photo gift idea.

Team Pick: 12x12 premium paper hardcover photo book and make this book front and as your coffee table book or put it on your bookshelf.

Ancestry Photo Books: Your family tree is unique as you are. Ancestry Photo books can be a unique photo gift idea to give your parents as they age. Include your favorite stories from their childhood and great-grandma’s baby pictures. Family Ancestry photo books will be treasured for generations to come.

Gift Pairing: If you have held on to baby mittens, sweaters, and baby blankets, consider repurposing them into a quilt to give to the head of your family alongside your ancestry photo book.

Team Pick: 12x12 layflat photo book because your family stories deserve the best!

Baby Photo Books: If you welcome a little one this year, your family and friends will no doubt be thrilled to get a custom baby photo book filled with their first moments. Feature one picture from each month of the year on one page and follow it with a collage of highlights from that month. Don’t forget to include notes for the baby photo book about the baby’s favorite treats, their pet name for their favorite pacifier, and where they were when they took their first steps.

Team Pick: 8x8 premium paper hardcover photo book and as you continue the tradition of creating more and more photo books for babies through the years, our hardcover photo books stack beautifully on any shelf. Make sure to note the year on the spine text as a final helpful detail.

Create a custom wedding photo album for yourself and your spouse or the newlyweds in your life. Make custom wedding Photo Book with your phone with SimplePrints app.

Custom Wedding Photo Albums: Capture the laughs, the tears, the awws and the oohs of your big day. Create a custom wedding photo album for yourself and your spouse or the newlyweds in your life. We love the lustre paper for professional wedding photography, to give it that extra sparkle. If you want to create a candid album that is more about the behind-the-scenes and cake-on-the-nose photos, consider creating softcover photo books to share your wedding party as a way to say thank you.

Team Pick: 12x12 layflat photo book to give that elegance and beauty to your wedding memories.

Anniversary Photo Albums: Newlyweds aren’t the only ones who should celebrate! If you know a couple that is approaching a big anniversary, such as their 25th or 50th, honor them with an Anniversary photo book that chronicles. An Anniversary photo album is a good idea for photo gift idea for him or her/their years together. Be sure to include big moments from their life, like their wedding day, births of their children, and their own children’s wedding photos!

Team Pick: 8x8 Photo lustre paper hardcover photo book will give your photo the vibrancy and the cover the protection your life together deserves.

“My Favorite Things About You”: Create a custom photo book online and fill it with your favorite things about your partner. We love those quirky little details, like how their feet are always cold or they leave coffee cups all over the house. Whatever qualities you value about your partner, include a photo with a caption to tell them all your favorite things about them.

Team Pick: 8x8 Premium paper softcover photo book will be the perfect gift idea for him/her to take with them on trips and look over the photo book when they miss you.

Family Cookbook: Create a family cookbook online with photos of your family’s tried and true recipes and traditional favorites, as well as Grandma’s famous broccoli casserole.

Gift Pairing: Include a stack of colorful notecards for the recipients to jot down their own recipes on and a small box to keep the recipes and cookbooks together in a special place in their kitchen.

Team Pick: 8x8 premium paper softcover photo book. You can order multiple copies at once to share with the whole family.

Mini Books

Mini photo books by SimplePrints are pocket-sized photo books and make the perfect gift for stocking stuffers or small hands. Mini photo books come in sets of 3, sized at 3.5” x 3.5” and up to 98 pages.

Mini photo books are pocket-sized photo books and make the perfect gift for stocking stuffers or small hands. Mini photo books come in sets of 3, sized at 3.5” x 3.5” and up to 98 pages. These books have soft, flexible covers and vibrant paper to make sure these little photo books pack a huge punch.

Each book in the set is identical, so these books are perfect for gifting to multiple people at a time. These mini photo books make an inexpensive holiday photo gift idea to bring to family get-togethers where you might want to share special photos with more than one person or even as party favors.

Three Kings Day: Are you looking for the perfect gift to leave under your child’s pillow for Three Kings Day? Consider creating mini photo books online for the special day and include photos of their family members that might live far away with a brief, personal note from each family. Maybe their cousins want to wish them good luck on a spelling test or just say, I love you. These custom mini photo books are sure to be cherished by your children for years to come.

For a more lighthearted take on Three Kings Day, include silly photos of each of your children alongside drawings and illustrations that they have made.

Kwanzaa: If you are looking for a way to share your Kwanzaa traditions with your children or friends, create a mini photo book online that features photos from ancestral places and cultural symbols, alongside their meanings. This is a creative and simple way to share your cultural heritage with those you love.

Gift Pairing: Combine your mini photo books with holiday-themed postcards from PicCollage Post.

Personalized Friendship Photo books: Good friendships are meant to last. You can easily create a personalized photo book that features you and your best friends. Include throwback photos, trips taken, and adventures had.

Create custom mini photo books by SimplePrints that feature each of your pets and their crazy antics throughout the year.  Print memories in pocket sized and travel friendly photo books.

Personalized pet photo albums: If you know someone that is absolutely wild for their pets, consider making mini photo books that feature each of your pets and their crazy antics throughout the year. Share the pet photo books with your pet’s fan club, even if it is just your mom and your aunt Sharon.

Sports Highlights: Capture your kids' best moments from soccer, basketball, volleyball, or whatever sports they play. Share the sports photo books with your kids, grandparents, and even the kids'


Work Yearbook: We all spend a large portion of our lives working, so why not memorialize some of those funny or sweet moments from your workplace. Share the best moments from the year with your coworkers or your boss by creating a photo book online via SimplePrints App.

Gift Pairing: Include pens and pass your work yearly photobooks around to sign, just like the good old days.

Canvas Prints

Make gorgeous custom wall art out of photos from your phone with the tap of a button. Display your memories in artistic & classy way by printing memories on Canvas.

Custom Canvas prints don’t have to be intimidating. You can make gorgeous custom wall art out of photos from your phone with the tap of a button. Photos are printed using a polyester canvas with a matte finish, so they can be enjoyed from any spot in the room. Then the photos are wrapped around a lightweight pine wood frame to create a museum-worthy piece of art. Canvas prints are the perfect option for photographs with soft color tones and a good quality canvas print is a good high-quality holiday photo gift idea!

Wedding Photo prints: Highlight your favorite moments from the big day, such as your husband’s teary eyes as he sees you walk down the aisle for the first time or the first dance as a newlywed. Hang them above your bed or your fireplace mantle for a statement piece that you and your spouse will both enjoy for years to come. Get your personalized wedding canvas print online!

Team Pick: 16x24 Canvas Prints and give you wall that classic romantic look

SimplePrints Family canvas prints are a great way to feature each member of your family. Create personalized canvas print in easy steps

Family canvas print: You don’t wrestle toddlers into matching sweaters just to share the photos online. No, you do it so you can see them hanging on the wall above your staircase and smile every time you remember that chilly fall day where you still managed to smile. Family canvas prints are a great way to feature each member of your family.

Team Pick: Build a wall with different sizes of canvas prints.

Newborn Photography: Newborns are oh-so-sweet with tiny toes gently wrapped in muslin or curled up on a fuzzy blanket, or perched inside a little red wagon with a crocheted bowler cap. We love newborn photography and find that custom canvas prints for toddlers are the best way to capture those soft tones and sweet memories.

Team Pick: 16x24 canvas prints fit beautifully on the wall above a crib.

Four Seasons: Pick your favorite photograph from each season and turn it into its own unique canvas print. These everyday, candid snapshots can be turned into art by strategically placing them next to each other in the order of the seasons. Feature the same spot on your property or the same cute faces.

Team Pick: 8x12 canvas prints or if you only want to hang one Canvas Print, get a 24x36 Canvas Print and use a collage layout for pictures.

Metal Prints

SimplePrints high-quality metal prints are durable modern pieces of art, customized to your style and tastes. Display your memories by giving modern touch to your interiors. They resist moisture, stains, scratches, chemicals, fades, and are even flame resistant.

Make moments last forever with custom metal prints. These high-quality metal prints are modern pieces of art, customized to your style and tastes. Metal prints turn your special moments into the artwork by printing them on a metal aluminum panel. These prints will quickly become the focal point of any room.

Metal prints are a good idea for an eco-conscious gift for friends as they are 100% recyclable gifts. These prints are made to last, indoor, or outdoor. Metal prints will resist moisture, stains, scratches, chemicals, fades, and are even flame resistant.

For photography that was taken with dark mode or that has especially vibrant colors, consider a metal print.

Landscape Metal prints: Do you have a favorite spot to take photos? Maybe it is a lake or the top of your favorite hiking trail. Bring those moments home or share them with someone you love with a customized metal print as a perfect holiday photo gift idea.

Team Pick: 16x20 metal prints and share the beauty and depth of your favorite landscape.

Metal Prints are good choice for displaying animal. photography. Metal prints are good to display indoor as well as outdoor.

Animal Photography: If you’ve ever seen the dark, magical photographs that come out of a horse photoshoot, you know that they are the perfect addition to any barn. If you have a horse lover in your life, consider gifting them a unique metal print. This goes for dogs and chickens and iguanas or any other animal that you happen to take to a professional photoshoot.

Team Pick: 20x30 metal prints for this showstopper photograph.

Office Art: Many people started working from home in the past year. If you know someone who is looking to decorate their remote office, consider gifting a metal print. If they are your loved ones, consider a family photo. For business associates, gift a photo of them at a golfing fundraiser or a favorite company photo, It is also a good holiday gift idea for clients & employees.

Team Pick: 7x5 Metal Print is the perfect size for a work desk.

Man Cave Art: Say thank you for all the “honey-do-lists” that have been done this year and gift a modern metal print. Illustrated art or a landscape that adds some drama and intrigue to the man cave décor is on our yes please list!

Gift Pairing: Consider pairing as 12x18 metal print with a custom, handmade metal keychain or pendant from Maven Metals.


Guest Blogger: Cameya Martin

Cameya Martin is a mother, a wife, a self-identified horse-girl, and a writer. She writes articles for small businesses, memoirs for people, and fiction for herself.



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